Colored tulle skirts are the most cheerful trend of summer 2019, better if accompanied by equally colorful sweatshirts. They are from the Aniye By Rainbow collection and we found them at NFM Shop!

anye by gonna in tulle

Here is another trend of this torrid (less bad) summer 2019, the colored tulle skirts to match with equally flashy sweatshirts!

They are both from the Aniye By Rainbow collection and we at The Fashion Mob have found them at NFM Shop in Rome!

Why buy colored tulle skirts?

First because they are light and since it is hot even in the evening I recommend using tulle as much as possible to avoid liquefaction.

And then because they are cheerful and witty and endowed with that irreverent touch that is immediately glam!

If one evening you don’t feel like thinking too much about how to dress yourself, you simply need to combine a white or black t shirt with your tulle skirt and you’re done!

And then remember that tulle skirts have been popular for years, so they will surely be proposed again for the coming seasons.

Who can wear them?

These colored tulle skirts are short and have flounces so they don’t look good on everybody. I advise them to those who are long-limbed and have a nice pair of legs.

I would not have taken it if I had not seen that the shape and length were fine for me too, since I have some nice flaws.

But ….. this does not exclude the possibility of buying more linear and long calf colored tulle skirts like this one. That actually is good for almost everyone.

How to style a tulle skirt?

Eye to proportions. The tulle skirt is already vaporous itself so the top should be as linear as possible.

And it must absolutely be played down: the meringue effect is lurking!

So go ahead for shirts, T shirts or colorful sweatshirts like the ones we chose!

In particular, I abounded with color, combining my yellow tulle skirt with the orange sweatshirt.

Colored tulle skirts bring joy, or at least they put it to us that we had a lot of fun while doing these shots.

My husband had a little less fun when he saw my skirt in the closet.

Unfortunately he is old-fashioned (but really old) and, according to him, women should dress with a bag of jute !!!

gonne in tulle colorate

gonne in tulle colorate

colored tulle skirts

Tips of the day

  • Even the hair wants their part. Two trends for the 2019 summer that you can’t pass up are maxi headbands and the hair clips with words!
  • Take care of your skin in an innovative way with Teaology skincare
  • Cook a fresh chicken salad tonight
Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    You look stunning with that look woww you look like a young girl, we are young girls in fact in ouf minds I feel that way I m sure you too.
    I love tulle skirts and I have 4 in my closet!!
    That s my kinf of joy!!

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