Cashmere sweater, where to buy

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My cashmere sweater is different: not only is it yellow but it is also made of fine yarns and hands that draw, spin, make agreements to guarantee the best quality. Because there is cashmere and there is….Cashmere.

Hands up who has not thought once that a cashmere sweater is worth the other!

My fault! I admit to having had the same thought but now I know that it is not so, my yellow cashmere sweater is different. I took it online on I Rocchi Cashmere, which today I can define as the specialists in cashmere.

Cashmere as a family tradition

Since 1977, the Rocchi family produces clothing in cashmere and fine yarns such as silk, cotton and linen.

The workmanship is strictly Made in Umbria, where everything is hand-made and carefully checked piece by piece.

My cashmere sweater has a perfect fit

How many times have I bought a cashmere women’s sweater and been extremely disappointed after wearing it a couple of times? Too many.

The real cashmere should always remain intact, as if the shirt had just been purchased.

And instead what has always happened to me is that either the sweater turned inexplicably saggy or that the dreaded wool balls were formed.

This has not happened with the cashmere sweater I took from I Rocchi Cashmere and that you can buy here.

After wearing it several times, it looks like it’s still new.

Why is cashmere not all the same?

Often on the labels we read 100% cashmere and that’s fine with it, but the truth is that the difference is made by the company that produces cashmere clothing.

I Rocchi Cashmere is a company that has its first wealth in the people and in the relationships of trust built over time:

With the suppliers of raw materials, important Italian and international spinning mills who have learned to know our requests and our needs;

with external collaborators, who are entrusted with a part of the production to guarantee punctuality in deliveries and at which regular alignment and sharing visits are carried out;

When you buy an “I Rocchi Cashmere” garment you are not just buying an exclusive weave of top quality yarns and a timeless design. Bring with you also the wise work of hands that spin and weave the garments; hands that have designed, sewn and cared for every detail; hands that have tightened to seal agreements to bring all this to you.

Precisely for this reason, I was very struck by this phrase that collects the essence of the company.

“We like to think that every time you stroke an” I Rocchi “item, your hands will ideally meet ours, in a long weave made of passion for beautiful things.”

And it really seems to me to weave their hands every time I wear my beautiful cashmere sweater.

Indeed, I have decided that I will also take one for my husband and my son!

maglia in cashmere

cashmere sweater

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I love cashmere too, but it’s so expensive !!!
    And that color is beautiful and looks so good on you!! I liked this wave of passion for beautiful things !!


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