Velvet is one of the seasonal trends and today I show you how to combine a burgundy velvet down jacket in an elegant yet contemporary look.piumino in velluto bordeaux

I’ve already talked about the burgundy velvet down jacket by Smart & Chic from HSE24, today I show you how I have combined it in an elegant and glam look suitable for an aperitif or a dinner with friends.

Now it happens that a few years ago I bought a pair of cuissards of the same color and fabric of the burgundy velvet down jacket.

This is a pair of over the knee boots quite challenging because they come up to mid-thigh, they are in velvet but with croc print and also have a not indifferent heel.

I can guarantee that it is not easy to match them.

Then, as if by magic, I got acquainted with the burgundy velvet down jacket of Hse24 and they immediately came back to my mind!

Here, the poor cuissard, worn only 2 times, have found their ideal companion.

The look that came out of it is easy chic, with an asymmetric plower print skirt and the Chanel Jumbo bag that I had not worn for some time.

Beyond that I am or not a fashion blogger, I see this look wearable by all women who want to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

The burgundy velvet down jacket is a piece of clothing that can, at first glance, look sporty but which is actually more versatile than one can think.

If paired with a pair of jeans it can be more casual chic and if paired with a skirt, as in this case, it becomes a glam chic garment.

And now, as always, I give you a little insight on the backstage of these photos.

Location: Museo della Civiltà Romana

Photographer: the Husband

Tools: Canon 5D Mark IV and “insults” of the Husband.

Result: the more the Husband insults me the more I “perform”.

Between a “how did you put this outfit together” and a “you’re really ridiculous with those boots” we managed to get decent shots.

I must admit that among the various photographers who have done their utmost to take pictures, no one has ever managed to derive from me what the Husband does “barking” against my person.

Conclusion: unfortunately for him and against his will, the Husband remains the best photographer to date. He must cope with this idea!!!

burgundy velvet down jacket

Tips of the day

  • We have taken so many times in this location and every time we find it more and more dirty. As a fashion blogger, I would like to tell our mayor that our city is on its knees. I’ve never seen it in these conditions. If we want to keep the tourists perhaps it is appropriate to clean it up, right?
  • Do we want a nice hot soup? Here is the recipe for pasta and chickpeas in a pressure cooker!
  • If you are looking for a car to buy, read the post on the test drive of the New Lancia Ypsilon.
Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Such a gorgeous jacket, I love the colour too. Velvet is a favourite, I think it’s perfect for the winter time. I just got a velvet dress in emerald green actually. Wonderful pictures, Happy Monday to you 🙂

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