It was a lifetime that I was looking for a brown leather dress like the ones my mom wore in the 70s. I finally found it on Shein and it has puff sleeves just like fashion states it is trendy now! Do you like it?

brown leather dressI had been looking for a brown leather dress like the ones my mother wore in the 70s for a long time. Only it turns you around, there wasn’t one that really convinced me. I don’t have a curvy body so I have to try to create curves where there aren’t any. That’s why I needed a dress that was as feminine as possible and I found it on Shein (sku swdress02200928903) and with the Q2Selvaggia discount code you will be entitled to a 15% discount on purchases over € 39 on Shein.

The brown leather dress in the new millennium

In the 1970s, the brown leather dress was in fashion, especially worn, as I do in these photos, with knee-high boots.

I have millions of photos of my mother in her brown leather dresses but sadly none of them have come into my hands.

The model was the classic brown leather chemisier and today you can find many copies but unfortunately it is not a model that suits me particularly.

My problem is that I have no curve, I have a rectangle shape that needs to add some shape hahahahaha.

That’s why when I saw this dress I said: mine!

It has a vaguely retro shape with a narrow waist with a python belt and a softer line on the hips. Puff sleeves also create volume.

Looking at these photos, I am more and more convinced that I did really well to choose this model because at least I look less like a rectangle and I get closer to the classic hourglass shape, don’t you think?

I wore it along with a pair of brown boots and a gold bag.

70s fashion never goes out of style

It is incredible how the 70s fashion is still present in a consistent way in the collection of the most famous and not famous designers.

The fringes, the flared trousers, the Texan boots, the leather dresses, the suede jackets, the maxi dresses are all legacies of 70s fashion.

And every year they are proposed in different versions but always with a soul intimately linked to the 70s.

It is perhaps the only fashion that will always be in fashion. And I’m really happy with it since I love her very much.

And do you like this trend?

vestito in pelle marrone

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