Bridesmaid? How to dress according to etiquette

Are you a bridesmaid or best man and you want to look great? Here’s how to dress according to etiquette! My dress is for an elegant evening wedding and I got it on Baby On Line.

Some people get married in August (like my cousin a few years ago) and if you have been incensed of the honor (or the burden) of being the bridesmaid or the best man, here are some tips on how to dress according to etiquette.

You can find the dress I chose  on Baby OnLine right here;

Along with many other long evening gowns!

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The official website:

It is suitable for an elegant evening wedding whose dress code can be equated with a black tie dress code.

According to etiquette, the gown of the bridesmaid or a maid of honor for an evening wedding must be strictly long

If you have won the role of bridesmaid on a hot summer evening, remember that you are definitely luckier than the day shift, under the scorching sun of 12!

So don’t complain and pretend that the heat coming from the ground is just an illusion.

Your gown can be neither white nor black but not even fiery red, opt for a blue, which is always elegant, or for burgundy or lilac if you want to be more romantic.

What about men? Just an elegant dark suit (with matching pants and jacket) and a sober tie.

If, on the other hand, the bridegroom believes he is one of the royals of England and has decided to wear a tight (in August it seems to be an excellent idea), etiquette requires that also the best man has to wear it!  And here if I were you, dear men, I would categorically refuse and try to make the groom understand that tight and half tight are reserved for the English.

How to dress for a day wedding

First of all, remember that you are the unlucky bridesmaid or best man, the one destined to liquefaction.

Imagine yourself under the sun at 12 PM  falling vertically on your head and not even a remnant of shadow on the horizon, while you wait for the bride and groom.

The only refreshment you will find is in the church where you can enjoy the cool for at least 1 hour.

How to dress as the bridesmaid of a day wedding?

The dress code for women is the cocktail one with the exclusion of black and white.

For men the suit with jacket and trousers of different colors is admitted but they must be well matched.

The etiquette is clear: no to flashy ties.

How to survive the experience?

You have two alternatives: either you pretend to be sick or you have a carboy of water with a sprayer.

Happy August wedding!

bridesmaid look according to etiquette

bridesmaid look etiquette

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  1. Hi Francesca
    It’s not fare your dress is from Babyonline and mine is from Rosegal I want to cry!!!!!
    You look stunning with that dress despite the color is to dark for me!!

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