It’s May and we should almost be ready to go to the beach if bad weather and cold will give way to warmer temperatures, but if the air is still crisp I suggest you a boho-style cover-up with fringes that can also be used as a top!

copricostume stile boho con frangeBetween the pandemic, the Chinese rocket that falls on our heads and the bad weather, let’s say that this summer 2021 seems to be taking a really disturbing twist but let’s think positive and start thinking about the beach. Today I show you a boho style cover-up that can also be used as a top, waiting to go to the beach!

I found it on Shein (Search ID: 2192610) and with the Q2Selvaggia discount code you will be entitled to an additional 15% discount on all orders over 29 euros valid for all sections of the SHEIN site.

A boho-style cover-up is with fringes

The boho style cover-up par excellence is with fringes or flounces, today I chose a model with fringes but I also have a couple of them with flounces,

It will be perfect for summer at the seaside if the rocket has not fallen on my head (I’m writing this post on the day it should fall) and does not die from a thrombus caused by the AZ or J&J vaccine which apparently today are the only ones bookable in my region.

In this look I paired it with my new jeans bought at a sale and my precious and very cool Pollini mules which I bought many years ago and which are perhaps one of the best purchases I’ve ever made since they are always in fashion.

Here’s how I then turned the boho-style cover-up into a top. Yes I know it’s trivial but believe me, you save a lot of space in your suitcase by using the same item of clothing in different looks and by now I have become a suitcase magician for the holidays!

This boho chic look can be completed with a leather jacket in case it gets chilly. Or even, as often happens lately, it rained.

The mules: a truly timeless fashion

Now I’ll tell you a story: you must know that often, I dream or imagine a particular item of clothing and then I actually find it in the store,

As you know, I am a lover of 70s fashion and these mules are inspired by those years. Well, one day I think: oh I would like a pair of brown mules with studs and the next day ….. as if by magic I find them at Pollini.

They cost me like a kidney but after 10 years they are still here, perfectly preserved and ready for use.

What was your best purchase?

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  1. This boho look is so fun!! I need a top like this. And I hear you about the weather, it has been crazy here it was below normal two weeks ago you almost needed a winter coat and then this week it was SO HOT, like July complete with humidity and then today I need a spring coat go firgure.

    Allie of

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