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The boho chic trend is my favorite and this is known. Of course now that I have taken off my extensions, my hair is a little less boho but at least I make up for it with this beautiful suit of 24.25 Clothing! Today I will tell you something more about this trend and I’ll also tell you some anecdotes about my hair.

boho chic trendThe boho chic trend was my mother’s favorite and is also my favorite, I think I said it in lengthy terms on this blog and also on my social media.

I am so in love with this style that I continue to accumulate  tons of boho chic trend clothes like this beautiful suit of  24.25 clothing!

In fact, the composition of my wardrobe (or rather of my 5 cabinets) is as follows:

30% maxidress

20% floating blouses

15% maxi skirt

15% jeans

10% leather or faux leather and faux leather jackets

10% varied clothing, neglected that attacks you every time you open the wardrobe!

From this count are excluded shoes and bags that are strategically placed in the basement, under the bed, next to the sofa, on the head of my husband!

What are the essential elements of boho chic trend?

First of all, it must be said that the boho chic style is above all a forma mentis.

Those who embrace the boho chic trend  do so also as a mindset. She is a free spirit, heedless of the judgment of others and wanders gracefully and carefree among ordinary mortals.

This is how I feel: when I see other people struggling to give their personal judgment on this and that, I smile and greet them cordially. And undoubtedly I live better!

So the first essential element is ethereal and impalpable: it is one’s attitude.

The other essential elements of boho chic trend are flouncy dresses, preferably with frills, maxi bags and large wide-brimmed hats.

And then there is the hair, the boho chic trend wants them to be fluctuating and with waves, Botticelli’s Venus style.

But I no longer have them like this: due to a fairly drastic cut a few years ago, I had to put on  extensions for a while, but then a few days ago I took them off and here I am NO boho hair!

How to remix boho style garments for a h24 look

If you are living in an office and you like going out at night directly after work, you don’t need to bring a trolley with the change.

Take, for example, this look that put together is suitable for an outing with friends but not for the office.

Simply wear the blouse with a black pencil skirt or a pair of elegant trousers and a blazer and you’ll have your office look!

When you leave work you will only have to change the more formal garments with a long skirt and you will be ready for a nice evening with a chat and a drink!

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  1. Hello Francesca
    you don’t have boho style hair but you do have boho personality !!
    Let’s say the dress is not my favorite but you give it a shine that only the stars can, you look stunning and these boots, I love it !!!

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