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All crazy for the boho style! This summer too will be dominated by maxi dresses and floating blouses like this boho chic shirt! Today I tell you where you can find it!

camicia boho chic

A boho chic blouse, a field with lots of bales of hay and summer has arrived!

Together with the most beautiful season, the desire to dress light and to be carefree has arrived.

The boho chic blouse that you can find here, is for me a symbol of freedom, because it is soft, light and leaves the shoulders uncovered.

Summer 2018 fashion wants us colorful and above all free to move as we want.

The boho chic style is really perfect to follow the latest trends and also to keep your creativity up.

In this style come together various elements of bohemian and hippy culture with strong references to 70s fashion.

The choice to combine the boho chic shirt with sporty jeans and the boots with the soul rock has depended on the fact that I do not like dressing according to the patterns but I put together the look that best represents me at that particular moment of the day.

I like the contrast between the hippy style of the shirt and the more aggressive tone of jeans and shoes. As jewelry, I chose to wear the Rugiada collection and the Wear rings by Athena Gioielli.

And now let’s talk about the photos …. I had chosen an isolated place and definitely in line with the style of this look: a field of hay bales.

Unfortunately, however, as always happens to me, it wasnìt that isolated. Among those who stopped at the edge of the road to take a picture (who knows where it was posted …. help!) and a dog who had decided to take pictures with me with his mistress, the field of hay turned out to be more populated than a nightclub!

I do not know about you but I still can not overcome my shyness, it really annoys me being watched while I take pictures!

And everyone wants to take a sneak!!!

Tips of the day:

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boho chic blouse

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

3 Responses

  1. Hello franscesca
    ahahah this also happens to me sometimes people who stop and are amazed to look (blogger is a recent profession that many people still don’t even know that exists) some laugh, I had cases where they asked me to take a picture, Others whistle to me !!
    But I really liked the location you chose !! And your shirt is stunning, and you really like that boho style so much, do you believe that I don’t have nothing in boho style?
    I loved your rings.
    I have a question, are your hair lighter in color? I loved! I’m suspicious I love blond hair ahahah
    Lots of love

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