Nowadays we see it in every color but the blue teddy coat is perhaps the most popular and also the most coveted. And it is my favorite, without a doubt, since the color goes well with my hair, which as you can see are momentarily back to straight.

blue teddy coatThere is no girl who doesn’t have at least one in the closet but, right now, the most popular is the blue teddy coat like the one I’m wearing in these photos (sku swouter23201106899) ​​and that I found here and that you can buy too with a 15% discount (for orders over € 39 on Shein) with the discount code Q2Selvaggia.

We had already talked about the soft and playful coats similar to teddy bears, the ones we we used to play with as children, but instead of choosing it in the classic white or beige, I propose it in a more fun color!

Is the blue teddy coat good for redheads?

I don’t know a thing about harmochromy a but I have eyes to see and I know that my red hair is highlighted by colors such as blue and green.

That’s why I chose, without any hesitation, to take a blue teddy coat and wear it almost immediately since the temperatures are the right ones.

Also, since it’s raining in buckets and the global deluge seems to have started, I also chose a hooded teddy coat model. Very useful, indeed essential for those who, like me, have curly hair who can’t wait to meet a little water to become frizzy and unmanageable.

In this look I also did a chromatic experiment: I matched the blue of the teddy and jeans with the tan of the boots, the bag and … my hair!

Oh yes because I realized that I have unintentionally combined everything, even the hair hahahahahaha!

In any case, the blue teddy coat is really popular right now and I would suggest you buy it now on sale because you can find the model you like best.

And I advise you to do it immediately because it seems that the polar cold will arrive from Sunday! Rain and cold, I want to emigrate!

How to dress when it rains without looking like a firefighter

When these photos were taken it had just stopped raining and thanks to my leatherette boot (it’s pure plastic hahahaha I will have paid for it like 20 euros) and the hooded teddy coat I was able to take shelter quite well.

But they weren’t two drops huh? It was pouring rain in buckets!

When we think about how to dress in case of rain we must first think about keeping our feet dry, so the boots, even if with heels, must be waterproof.

This is where low-cost boots come into the scene, which are certainly made of a material more similar to plastic than leather and are therefore water-repellent.

And then we must have a thick coat with a hood to protect ourselves from the rain.

Finally, we have to do the anti rain dance hahahahahah!

What do you think of my blue teddy coat?

teddy coat azzurro


Selvaggia Capizzi

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