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A black vinyl coat is a piece of clothing that can seem boisterous and excessive and actually is. Especially if you are over 40. Yet it also has an elegant soul that makes it a very versatile garment. Now I’ll explain how to style it.

black vinyl coatI’ve owned this black vinyl coat for about 3 years but I don’t think I’ve ever introduced it to you. I’ve worn it countless times and it’s my favorite coat ever.

But it has never happened that I photographed it and since it is a shame not to show it to you …. here it is!

Obviously I don’t have to tell you the Husband’s face when I showed up not only with the black vinyl coat but also with the cow prints shirt and white boots!

There was very little that he turned on his heels and walked away hahahahaha.

I’m used to it now and I don’t care. So I went out like that and even forced him to take pictures!

The black vinyl coat: a story that begins in the 60s

In the late 60’s and early 80’s vinyl became one of the most popular fabrics and was consecrated by the silver screen in the film Belle de Jour, when Yves Saint Laurent designed the black patent leather trench coat for Catherine Deneuve.

Later the vinyl is also used to produce super sexy pants that will also become Catwoman’s uniform in the movie Batman-Returns played by the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer.

But I bought this black vinyl coat for another reason: with its faux fur details it vaguely reminded me of a coat I had seen Alicia Silvertone wearing in Clueless.

It has only one flaw, it is not padded so it can only be used for a limited period of time in the winter season. To be clear: when it’s too cold I avoid wearing it.

I love it so much that my next goal is to buy a burgundy vinyl coat!

How to match the black patent leather coat

If you are a risk taker you can really interpret it however you want. You can turn into a new Catwoman or do like me and risk even more by combining it with an animalier print and white boots that are generally stigmatized and considered “burini”

If, on the other hand, you are more serious people then you can play it down with a pair of jeans (with a dark wash, I recommend) and black patent leather moccasins.

But … if you buy a black vinyl coat I certainly don’t think you will want to go to the market, even if these days it can’t be said since our social life takes place most of the time in supermarkets!

Do you like vinyl?

cappotto in vinile nero

cappotto in vinile nero

black vinyl coat

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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