Black tulle dress with flounces

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There is something about this black tulle dress with flounces by Aniye By. People also write to me at night to find out where I got it, because, it must be said, it is truly magnificent and today I will reveal where I bought it and how to wear it!

black tulle dress with flouncesThis Aniye By black tulle dress with flounces made my heart beat faster as soon as I saw it.

It is a dream dress, perfect for a black tie dress code but also for a white tie dress code.

It’s a dress that, as much as I like, I could also wear to eat at the local Japanese restaurant here in North Rome hahahahaha.

I swear I’d really put it anywhere!

Where to buy the black tulle dress with flounces

As you know, my hands are pierced, this is now also known to the stones. I started writing a blog to share all the things I bought and I will die writing about my purchases, wearing them all together, of course!

My fashion blog is the extroflection of my great passion for clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry that I can’t help but accumulate!

And since I have no limits when it comes to buying beautiful things, I didn’t want to resist this tulle dress with flounces by Aniye By that I bought from Rossella Boutique in Via Appia, Rome.

As an influencer in Rome, I always try to lend a hand and a little visibility to the best boutiques in Rome and Rossella Boutique is one of them. Elisabetta always chooses truly amazing garments such as this long denim dress that I wore in Bali.

Such a dress is certainly impressive and if you don’t have a gala evening it is better to “turn it off” a bit.

For our dinner at Settimo, the restaurant of the luxury hotel Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese I decided to wear this dress with a very, very rock belt, also by Aniye By. And I completed the look with the newly found Louboutin Figurinas studded ankle boots that you have already seen here.

I therefore “played down” and made less formal a dress which, by its nature, is very pompous.

The fit is perfect, I can guarantee that it makes me look well proportioned and also slim. But this dress has a flaw …..

How the mighty have fallen: the strange story of the branded dress that falls apart as soon as you sit down

Yep, this dress ripped as soon as I sat down.

Now, I have an industrial amount of tulle dresses but it never happened to me that tulle tore just because I sat down but that’s exactly how it went here!

The tulle between a flounce and the other is divided in half !! At the end, I turned to a good seamstress who, with a few euros, put my dress back in place and double-checked everything.

Do you want to know what she told me? She explained to me that the tulle that is between two flounces must be elastic in order to prevent it from tearing.

In this case, the Aniye By designers opted for a stiff tulle which certainly has the purpose of creating volume but which in the end proved impractical.

What advice did she give me? Avoid sitting down hahahahaha!

Has a similar story ever happened to you?

abito in tulle con balze nero aniye by

abito nero di tulle con volant

abito in tulle con balze aniye by dove comprare

tulle dress with flounces

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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