The little black dress lives a new life and turns into a black leather mini dress. Here are my tips on how to best match it in an 80’s style total leather abito di pelle nera

A timeless classic, the little black dress, dresses up with modernity and turns into a black leather mini dress. Today I give you some advice on how to combine it in a total leather look that recalls the style of 80s fashion.

Meanwhile, I tell you to choose very carefully the model of your black leather mini dress, because if it is true that black slims, it is equally true that the leather tends to highlight the slightest defect.

To be on the safe side, I suggest you choose a black leather mini dress with a trapezoidal shape (or A) as I did. It remains softer on the stomach and hips thus avoiding the “sausage” effect.

At this point you have to decide in which direction you want to go: rock or classic look?

If you do not want to dare too much, my advice is to play down the black leather mini dress by combining it with a wool cardigan with classic lines and colors such as white, taupe or beige. As shoes you opt for a knee-high boot but with a wide heel. I would avoid pumps because they are not suitable to be combined with a dress like that while they are perfect for the traditional little black dress.

If, instead, you are like me and you like to challenge the status quo then you dare a total look in leather with a very strong appeal to the 80s fashion.

I chose to combine the black leather mini dress with a metallic leather jacket by Dimora and the Texan boots with stars by Jeffrey Campbell.

I completed the look with the inevitable jewelry of Athena Gioielli.

It’s definitely a rock look and very inspired by the 80s but who knows me from the origins of my fashion blog knows that I like to go outside the box.

Just look at the rockstar look I posted a few days ago.

Of course if one stops to reflect on the fact that I’m a fashion influencer over 40, the first thought is that a woman of my age should not dress like that.

But it is no longer true, now the woman of 40-50-60 years has the opportunity to dress as she sees fit without fear of being judged.

Or not?

black leather mini dress

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