Black lace top, how to style it

The black lace top is a real evergreen, present in women’s wardrobes for at least 100 years, maybe it was not as sheer as today but it is a timeless classic. Today let’s see how to wear it. In a very sober way like me hahahaha!

black lace topThe first black lace top I owned dates back to about 15 years ago and is buried somewhere in my closet. I haven’t seen it for a long time now so I deduce that it has been swallowed up by some remote drawer whose location I don’t remember.

That’s why I recently got another one from Femme Luxe Finery. And since I don’t like being Scrooge, I also took the same lace top in white and you have seen it here.

Black lace top how to wear it?

First of all let’s ask ourselves a question: do we like to dare or are we traditionalist?

I am a traditionalist and therefore under the black lace top I put on a black tank top but if you like to dare you can also wear a black bra under it.

There is also a question of appropriateness: at my age it is not appropriate for me to sport a bra so freely also because the body does not allow me to.

But if you are young and have a nice flat abdomen you can safely show off your bra as long as you don’t find yourself in a formal occasion.

You can combine the top with a nice bell-shaped jeans like these for example or with a pair of white skinny pants.

If, on the other hand, you are of a certain age like me or your body does not help you, or you have to go to a formal event with a black tie dress code or cocktail then it is better that the top is accompanied by a sufficiently opaque tank top.

How to match the lace top?

If you want to be elegant you can combine it for example with tulle like I did and if you have a rock soul like myself you can choose a fluo tulle skirt and shoes with buckles, like my newly found Burberry ankle boots.

If you want a more casual look, just play it down with denim, then go green with jeans or denim skirts.

The house as a photographic set for fashion influencers

My house lends itself well enough to be used as a photographic set, among other things I have ordered some improvements that will allow me to have even more spectacular corners.

After taking several shooting in our bedroom (which is in the open space), in the living room, on the terrace I chose a new unexplored corner: the balcony …. one of the many places “plagued” by the pictures of the Husband!

Yes, because since it cannot be hung in the bedroom or on the terrace, it is released on the rest of the house and therefore our living room is literally invaded by the horrible pictures that the Husband insists on buying.

As I turn around, I find myself in front of one of the “works of art” (according to my husband) and generally I get a blow to the heart hahahahahah!

And just to be grateful  for reading this post, I share some art with you!

black lace top

black lace top

black lace top


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