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And here I am with the second bikini with flounces by La Flaca bikini! Today I tell you why you must absolutely have one to be at the top this summer!

bikini con balze leopardato

Do you like my bikini with flounces that I took on La Flaca? You saw the first 2019 summer bikini here and since I love the leopard print I took another one with beige tulle! You can buy them both here.

On this on line store you will find many truly original women’s beachwear, so as not to run the risk of finding yourself on the beach surrounded by “bikini pals”

The bikini with flounces is the must have for the summer of 2019

Dresses with flounces, bags with flounces, flounces are very popular today.

Fortunately, I’d say. The frills are really strategic because they hide the defects.

Think of my case. Born flat as an ironing board, not even pregnancy was able to give me an extra size.

Obviously while they were distributing the breasts I was busy doing something else!

I admit I never made a fuss because fortunately today’s bras are all padded.

The triangle bikini with flounces  has solved the problem of pads that generally all my swimsuits have: they helps to create volume but they never dry off.

Instead tulle dries immediately and this is a big plus for me.

Did you know that there are also bridal bikinis?

I discovered it by exploring La Flaca store! The bridal bikini is also customizable, I find it a really original idea.

Think about it: after the wedding, the bride and groom leave for a honeymoon in a Caribbean destination and the bride astonishes her new husband by showing off a bikini … as a bride!

My husband and I first got married civilly in Washington DC (the following year also religiously in Italy) and we went to Mexico for our honeymoon.

I still remember that one of my bikinis was in chenille and without pads…. it made me look like a tree trunk. Well I also weighed 47 kg which for my height is really very little!

Better the one-piece swimsuit or bikini?

This depends on your physique. I, as I said, are flat, a one-piece swimsuit on me is completely wrong. While it is perfect for those who have a prosperous breast.

If you do not have a flat stomach, you don’t have to opt for the one-piece swimsuit, but you can easily choose a bikini with flounces that takes your attention away from your (and mine) defects!

So, dear friends ….. it doesn’t matter if we are not perfect, the important thing is that we enjoy summer !!!

bikini with flounces

bikini with flounces

bikini con balze

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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