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The big light earrings were my salvation during the Milan Fashion Week, the ones I wear are real feathers and now I tell you where to find them and why you absolutely must have them!orecchini grandi leggeri

I have a confession to make …. the lobes of my ears are no longer those of a few years ago and I have to necessarily wear big light earrings that do not make me look like Buddha.

For the Milan Fashion Week it was really mandatory that I would bring accessories that did not weigh me down, so for this second look of Milan Fashion Week, I opted for the light big earrings by Katia Berlantini.

They are made of polyester and have the nickelfree brass closure (I am very, very allergic).

Katia Berlantini is an artist who has always been attracted by light materials, with whom she has created numerous environmental installations whose research also re-proposes in jewelery.
Here is born a line of big light earrings with a pendant often visible only in stretches and sudden and sudden reflections, like flashes of light.

My accessories for the Milan Fashion Week were all like this: ultralight.

Already it is difficult to walk on heels, imagine if to feet pain I also added earache or backache.

I’ll show you the complete look in tomorrow’s post so …. stay tuned because I’ll tell you something more about our experience at Milan Fashion Week.

For us of The Fashion Mob there have been 3 hectic days, including look changes, fashion shows, presentations, meetings and, I add, of stairs!

At least for me, Fabrizia and Martina (very pregnant): our apartment was in fact on the fourth floor without a lift.

Now imagine also our arrival with lots of 30 kg suitcases! We risked the heart attack!

orecchini grandi leggeri



big light earrings

The other fashion mobbers wearing Katia Berlantini earrings!

orecchini grandi leggeriTips of the day

  • If you are young, avoid ruining your ear lobes like I did. Wear only light earrings.
  • Tonight prepare the chicken nuggets for your children and for you too!
  • Do you want a ponytail on demand like the one I have in these photos? Read how to do in this post.
Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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