How to wear a bodysuit, and remember girls, even the lingerie ones are super fashion, I would say that they are a real trend!body-monospalla

What are the best ways to wear a bodysuit, a trend that returns from the ’80s and ‘90s, a versatile garment with which we can create refined and elegant outfits, sexy, feminine and casual … what can we ask for better?

So girls, bodysuit at sight, practical, comfortable and feminine. Once it was considered a piece of lingerie or was worn only by the dancers on stage, but fortunately, slowly it has entered everyday life and as usual, when a fashion trend is also comfortable immediately enter my closet … to a some age comfort is an aspect not to be underestimated :-)!

On the catwalk we saw it worn with transparent clothes, or even alone, but in this case I recommend it only if you are 18 years old or if you are a celebrity. On the red carpet we saw it worn under tulle dresses, one-shoulder body suits combined with long and wide skirts … in short, the versatility of this garment is wonderful.

But wlet’s go to us, ordinary mortals, and over 30 years old. Which of you has never had the problem of a shirt or a t-shirt that does not want to be in its place in a pair of trousers or a skirt? This has happened to me often, and with this garment I always solve the problem….

… or a light fabric like silk, where anything you put inside, unfortunately can be seen!

Also for a disco look, where the movement is definitely at the base of the evening …

… here is a super glam solution: the low-cut and lurex bodysuit.

Now let’s talk about this garment, maybe born in a lingerie collection. They are always very precious, almost always made of soft lace, otherwise it would be impossible to wear them, and elegant like an evening dress. I love them especially and I have them in quantity … a very important one!

I use them as underwear, but when the opportunity presents itself, I would happily add them to a pair of jeans …

… and if, like this, they also have the naked effect on the back, even better, sporty but with femininity, a winning street style!

As you well know, my rock soul always peeps, and here I am, wearing black and gold lace, with a pair of leather pants!

I want to give you another tip. The bodysuit is also good for sleeping. It remains motionless, covering up and warming both stomach and back, but it gives a “sexy baby” look. Seeing is believing.





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  1. Hi Francesca
    These models you present are divine. I’m in love with everyone, but to be honest I don’t like to use it, I feel stuck inside a bodysiut. But in relation to this ones I would have to think twice !!


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