Asymmetrical dresses: you have to get one

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Asymmetrical dresses have been the most popular spring summer 2019 trend, which is why it is worthwhile to buy them as long as they are available. Curious to learn more? Read here.

vestiti asimmetrici

The asymmetrical dresses have been very popular during this spring / summer 2019.

I often buy things without having the slightest idea that they are fashionable.

When I bought the dress with the flounces you see in these photos, it was winter and I hadn’t yet “nose-dived” in the current trends. And a year earlier I had also found this beautiful Miss Sixty skirt!

Then, around June I realized that, indeed, asymmetrical dresses or even skirts could be found in all the shops!

Why buy asymmetrical dresses now

First of all, we take into account the practicality of an asymmetrical dress.

I don’t know if it also happens to you but when it comes to climbing the stairs with a long dress it often happens to me to stumble in the same dress.

And more than once I happened to tear the aforementioned dress.

An asymmetrical dress is a perfect compromise between short and long and there is no risk of stumbling.

The asymmetrical dresses will also be in fashion this winter and next summer and in the following years because they have always existed, think that my mother also wore them in the 70s!

How to style an asymmetrical dress?

In summer the choice is really simple, sandals!

Heeled sandals if you are small, even without heel sandals if you have a height that exceeds 170 cm.

I decided to combine my beautiful asymmetrical dress (purchased in Skiathos on the first day) with the jewel sandals by Gardini Spirit.

This is to avoid clamorous falls on the steep streets of Skiathos!

But now that we’re back in Rome I’ll wear it even with high heels. After the slippery streets of Skiathos, the Roman cobblestones will be a real easy walk!

How to match asymmetrical dresses in winter?

I see them well with a pair of cowboy boots or even with a nice pair of knee-high boots.

I would carefully avoid cuissards because they could be vulgar with this type of dress.

Curiosity: these photos were taken in Skiathos and in a couple of them you can see the clock tower, location of one of the scenes of the movie Mamma Mia!


vestiti asimmetrici

asymmetrical dresses

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