Animal print dress, a must have for this winter 2019. But since here in Rome it is was still summer until a few days ago, I decided to wear it for a seaside lunch.abito stampa animalier

I bought this animal print dress last month during a small holiday in Aosta. Even if it was from the winter collection, as you can see, it is also perfect for the hot season and so I chose it for a seaside lunch, Friday 19 October, with 28 degrees !! There were a lot of people even in costume! How sure you know the leopard print look is back in fashion, along with other animal prints.

Although I like this trend a lot, I’m always afraid of being excessive, but with this dress I think I do not look like a “run away from the zoo”.

Lately I see unimaginable, excessive and absolutely tasteless looks (in my opinion). An animal print dress, if we want to wear it every day, even just to go shopping, must be linear, simple and combined with the most sober and inconspicuous accessories.

A few evenings ago, at a very glamorous event, 90% of the guests wore a leopard print look! By pure chance I was not part of that circle, in fact my animal print dress was in the washing machine, and I must say that I was happy because I found the thing quite funny.

Immediately the phrase of a song came to my mind (Photography): “fashion is beautiful but it makes us all the same”. Unfortunately, this is very often and for this reason I love the original looks and I try to always create outfits that represent me, without being too influenced by the dictates that fashion imposes on us.

About leopard prints… I spotted a dress that I like very much! I must say that this is definitely “excessive”, but since I was invited to an exclusive party, theme 60 and 70, I find it perfect and I think it will be mine!

I will keep you updated!


animal print dress

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Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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