A color print dress for spring 2019

How to wear a color print for spring? When the weather is uncertain and you never know what to throw on? That’s why I decided to wear this floral dress with a nice pair of boots!
una stampa a colori primavera 2019

A color print is what you need at the beginning of spring 2019 and I didn’t miss out on this lovely green floral print dress that I found here (ASIN: B07C6475XT) and that you can buy with a 15% off with the 3XIN52CE code.

As you know among the 2019 spring summer colors there are the beige, the living coral and the green in particular the aquamarine color as the background of this dress that closely resembles the 40s models.

In my suitcase for Bali there will certainly be room for a color print as well as for fluttering and sundresses but I could not resist the temptation to wear this dress even in early spring.

Except that … it’s not easy to predict the bizarre Roman weather. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s sunny, it’s raining … let’s just say we got closer to a tropical climate.

The secret, the stones also know, is to layer.

The light dress with a color print lends itself well to this game because we can combine it with a coat that recalls the colors of the print and a pair of boots.

But since I’m a strong advocate of 70s fashion, I thought I’d combine it with a pair of fringed boots to create a boho chic-inspired look.

For this reason I also wore the belt as if it were a tie. Do you like it as an idea?

The coat is simply not there because when we took the pictures there was an outdoor temperature of 24 ° C !!

The unexpected gifts of spring precisely.

And, since the thundercloud is always lurking, it is better to wear boots rather than sandals.

So yes to light clothes with a color print even in this bizarre spring but match them with something that will protect us from possible climatic variables.

In Bali the mood will be very different and I can’t wait to show you how I will style this dress!

And what do you do in this transitional season? How do you dress?

Jewels by Athena Gioielli

Ph. Credits: Claudia Frijo

una stampa a colori

color print dress spring 2019

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  1. Hi Francesca
    That dress is gorgeous but your fringe boots are something!!
    Yesterday we have a summer day!!! In March!! I spent the afternoon at the beach!!!
    I love how you styled the dress with the belt that way!! It is perfect!!


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