The 70s style outfit is the easiest to recreate, you just need ro match a floral print blouse and flared pants to be immediately projected into a past that many of you have not lived but that I remember well. Today I tell you how to make it happen with what you have at home!look anni 70

The 70s style outfit is still  trendy this 2018 spring / summer season. I am convinced that 70s fashion will always be present, even in the coming years, because it is original and versatile.

Today I tell you how to make a 70s style outfit starting from what you surely have in your closet.

Floral print shirt: surely you have it buried somewhere, you just have to dig well and you will see that you can make it re-emerge among the thousands of shirts that lurk in your wardrobe. If you like my blouse from Via Veneto by Franco Ciambella you can find it on HSE24!

As an alternative to the flowered shirt you can opt for a fluctuating hippie style blouse like the one you see in this post.

Flare jeans, the bulwark of the 70s style outfit. What? You don’t have a pair of bell bottoms? Here then is a good investment to make. The flared jeans will always be in fashion!

The alternative that I can give you is a jeans with fringes that you can easily make at home, I have four and here you can see one made by my fantastic aunty!

Boho necklaces, plenty of them. Bracelets and necklaces with tassels, like those of Joy Boho Jewels I wear in these photos, are now fashionable. If you do not have one, the very good Paola will send it to you in no time!

And here is the last ingredient of the 70s look: being carefree! What? Are you not feeling carefree? Do you have a thousand things to think about and run after? Stop for a moment and take a moment for yourself. Do not worry: what you have to do will wait for you faithfully for as long as you want 🙂

Have a good day!

Tips of the day

  • In addition to the flowered shirts, the bell-bottom jeans and the boho necklaces, another 70’s smash were fringes!
  • Tonight cook the pasta in radicchio cream
  • Do you have  in mind a trip to the countryside with your children? Here is a very simple look of Ludo The Imp to inspire you!

look anni 70

70s style outfit

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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