4 things to do after lockdown

Today I am talking about 4 things to do after lockdown in a half-serious way and above all spiced up with some fashion advice. 5 looks for 4 different occasions! Are you ready to read everything?

things to do after lockdown

Today I tell you 4 things to do after lockdown and I also tell you which clothing is the most appropriate. because things must always be done in style!

I found everything on Femme Luxe Finery, the cost-effective online fashion site where you can also find joggers , T shirts loungewearr.

And where I found for you the 5 summer 2020 fashion trends not to be missed.

As we know, the virus is always lying in wait and it’s time to proceed with caution and get ready for anything.

What are the 4 things to do after lockdown in my opinion?

Stay in the open as much as possible without making gatherings. Such as?

For example, opting for a dinner by the lake or the sea. There is a lot of space and you will not risk contaminating yourself if you follow all the rules.

The right clothing? Since you switch from suffocating heat to light breeze it is better to opt for a T Shirt, maybe over size like mine and with a funny slogan!

I recommend .. by the lake or the sea rigorously choose a glass of white wine!

The second thing to do after lockdown, in my opinion, is to enjoy nature. Appreciate what is beautiful in all that surrounds us and perhaps discover things that we did not know or that we did not remember.

Let’s take an example: I have always taken oleanders for granted, because I have always seen a lot of them around, especially in seaside resorts, even in the radioactive forge that is Fregene.

After the quarantine, to dispose of the extra weight I started walking and cycling in the neighborhood and I discovered the magic of the oleanders that in addition to making every corner more beautiful with their delicate flowers also have a wonderful smell.

The ideal look to explore the city jungle? Always an oversized T shirt, a pair of shorts and ultra-flat sandals.

Another important thing is to spend the right amount. And for this reason we have to think about recovering the things we already have in our closet and to combine them with something new as I did with Alessandro Oteri’s sandals that I combined with a T shirt and a white skirt.

The last of the 4 things to do after lockdown  is learn to stay at home in style!

Whether it is comfortable clothing at home or an evening dress we must know that it is worth being chic even within the home, but praying never to return to quarantine!

Taking care of yourself here is another important tip

I don’t know about you but from the lockdown onwards I learned to do many things: I finally learned how to bike (hahahahaha).

I learned how to dye my hair at home even if I prefer to do it at the hairdresser.

I found 3 beauty products that really work and tried Prai’s neck and décolleté cream.

In short, I learned to love myself a little more and you?

cose da fare post quarantena

cose da fare post quarantena

things to do after lockdown

things to do after lockdown

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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