4 outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve 2019

With the team of The Fashion Mob, today we present 4 outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve 2019. In this case we present 4 outfits suitable for a glam party in a disco or in a villa!

The countdown has stared and with it begins the spasmodic search for outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve 2019. We at The Fashion Mob, the team of Italian fashion influencers to which I belong, we decided to show you 4 outfit proposals for a disco party or a villa.

They are all by Dimora and all sparkling, because at New Year’s Eve you have to shine!

Let’s take a closer look at the 4 outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve, starting right from my outfit.

The absolute protagonist is the double flounced tulle dress. In front it is shorter while behind it has a train. The print with the multicolor stars and the bodice with sequins make it more similar to the glam rock style that is a bit the mood that permeates the Dimora garments.

Precisely for this reason, I wanted to give the final touch with a metallic leather biker jacket by Dimora.

This is a look that I feel extremely mine because as you know, Selvaggia / Francesca Romana has 4 personalities, being Gemini with a Gemini ascendant.

And one of these is the glam rock soul that from time to time (or frequently as you want) peeps out all the others!

Nadia, who is often more rock than me, has chosen a dress very similar but short and with bigger stars (sometimes she becomes extremely competitive hahahaha).

Even this look is perfect for a disco party or for the classic New Year’s party.

Among the outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve there is the sequined mini-dress worn by Fabrizia in these photos and which seems to come directly from the fashion archives of the 70’s and Studio54.

And for the most romantic? Rest assured that we have Ida to strenuously defend fans of soft colors and romance novels. The look she has chosen features a lilac blouse with a bow and wide sleeves combined with a sequin miniskirt with flounces.

If you are wondering how we will spend the New Year know one thing: wherever we go, whatever we do …… you will be the first to know.

Now there are no more secrets with social media!

And what will you do on New Year’s Eve? Have you already decided?


outfit ideas for new year's eve

look da festa di capodanno 2019

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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3 Responses

  1. I absolutely love all the these styles and would wear them too. I think I love your’s the most though, the pink moto jacket with this dress is fantastic. Yes yes, I love it!! xx

  2. Hi Francesca
    I’m back I explain everything on the blog.
    Let me breathe, this post is breathtaking, a big Wowwwww for your look, a real lady rock !!!
    The photos and you are outstanding. Your next year can only be wonderful with this look.
    PS: I loved the pink jacket.



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