4 looks for staying at home

Today I present to you in a half-serious way 4 looks for staying at home and feel beautiful, 4 outfits for every social occasion. Which? Read this post carefully!

looks for staying at homeI don’t know about you but I’m still in quarantine and I’m going to follow all the rules: here are 4 looks for staying at home and that fit perfectly to several occasions.

You might think I’m crazy: since I’m going to stay at home, where do I wear these 4 looks?

I have not gone mad (at least I don’t think so), but as you know, to endure imprisonment I devised a series of home occasions together with my family where we try to pretend that the coronavirus does not exist and we recreate inside our house bars, restaurants etc . etc,

But while I was writing this post, it also occurred to me to play down and laugh at it since we have now ascertained that life on the couch exists!

I found all the looks on Femme Luxe Finery, an online store where you can also find loungewear, joggers and T-Shirts.

4 looks for staying at home: a look for every occasion

On what occasions can we wear these 4 looks to stay indoors then?

At home restaurant look

The black lace top combined with the fluo tulle skirt is very rock and flashy, my suggestion is to use it for a family dinner at the ristocasa, or the restaurant organized at home.

Just set the table well (better than in the restaurant and follow these rules of etiquette) and improvise cooks. At least I did so since I am illiterate in the kitchen!

Create a nice menu of things you would like to eat, uncork a nice bottle of wine and enjoy your family. If you want, you can also invite friends on video call.

The living room tour outfit

The discovery of the existence of life on the couch produced a series of exploratory trips to the living room.

Let’s not be unprepared and get a young glam explorer look (not in my case) with a pair of beige cargo pants and a fuchsia top with bell sleeves and a nice bow on the neck.

Have a good exploration!

Home stairs outfit

One of the really fun moments is when, for those with stairs like me, you can have fun going down and up as if we were Queen Elizabeth at the Christmas party.

So here is the third one among the looks for staying at home: cargo pants, oversized pink sweater and 12 inches heel to make the company even more daring.

We don’t like simple things!

Look to check the wisteria in the garden / balcony / terrace / corner of the house

Is it blooming? Should it be pruned? Should it be watered?

All this reflection deserves a suitable look.

A denim dress with a waist belt is the right outfit to go and check if your green thumb has paid off or if your garden has become the Sahara desert!

What you have to do to have fun in the days of the coronavirus

I recommend, take care of the looks to stay at home very carefully: because we will probably have to stay there for a while longer.

And we try to be patient and to think positively even when everything seems black to us.

We will come out of this mess, this is for sure!

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