4 last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Welcome to 4 last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day, or how to turn into success the most romantic evening of the year with 4 professional tricks!
4 idee last minute per san valentino

You could do a reality show called “last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day“, for sure there would be a lot of fun.

Oh yes because while we women expect this evening all year, our men wait all year to escape the inevitable day of February 14.

So, be aware that while you are brainstroming about where your man will take you, he will be using his (few) neurons to figure out how to avoid spending a fortune or finding a last minute flight to escape to Patagonia.

So I suggest you read this practical guide on 4 last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day. You will see that things will go exactly as you say!

First of all, choose the right music: your man must not even think he was stuck for Valentine’s Day. So no to melodic and mushy music, yes to the pressing rhythm of contemporary rock music. If you do not have all the CDs that I have, remember that you can always use Spotify or Youtube and think how romantic it is when the music is interrupted by advertising.

Stone him off with a good wine: white or red the important thing is that it has a high alcohol content, above 13.5 degrees to be clear. If you do not understand anything about wines, rely on a good guide and choose the most full-bodied wine in the market. This will bring your man into a state of euphoria and unconsciousness that will make him forget what context he is in. Take advantage!

Choose the right look, possibly dazzle him with bright colors and glitter so that he loses the sense of orientation and needs to lean on you to move around. Remember that the mind of man is formed by a few neuronal synapses and that if you draw a straight line between them at most a triangle is formed.

And if during the evening you discover, rummaging “by chance” in his pockets, a one-way ticket to Timbuctu I suggest you choose the easiest of all the last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day. Change man ’cause this one is not that into you!

But remember one thing: the perfect man does not exist. There are men suitable for us who are not perfect but who can still give us so much. just try not to change them to adapt to what we want.

Sweater by King Kong found @Rossellaboutique

last minute ideas for Valentine's Day

maglione con stelle

Tips of the day

  • Here is another proposal for an elegant look for Valentine’s Day. Read here!
  • Tonight cook the carbonara pasta
  • If your man does not know how to dress, look at this man outfit.
Alessia Lo Re

Alessia Lo Re

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4 Responses

  1. Ahahah Francesca, sorry but the perfect guy exists, i tell you
    If one guy knows all your needs
    All your family and friends
    Save all your pictures
    Understands all your family and friends
    This guy is not your man
    This guy is Mark Zuckerberg
    Great ideas and stunning outfit, love the glitter heels.


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