4 elegant looks for every style

Here are 4 elegant looks for every style: romantic, 70’s, folk, bon ton. 4 different interpretations of the evening look by The Fashion Mob. I have chosen for me a dreamy electric blue dress!

4 women extremely different in temperament, age and attitude interpret 4 elegant looks for every style. The Fashion Mob team, photographed by Chiara Gasbarri, tells you today how to interpret the evening look by following one’s personality and taste.

Is it possible to show off elegant looks for every style? Absolutely yes, because fashion must be interpreted and not followed slavishly.

And it is this idea that has guided us in the choice of 4 elegant looks for each style.

We 4 could not be more different and that’s why we often discuss it, but we have a certainty: each one’s own style.

At the beginning it was not easy (it is not yet) because to have homogeneous group photos there was more difficulty to respect each one’s way of being but then common sense prevails and so here we are to show you 4 elegant looks for every style, 4 outfits that reflect our personality.

Ida the romantic dreamer chose to wear a chenille jumpsuit by Anyie By. The flower print and the presence of pink (by which Ida is strongly obsessed) are the basis of her choice.

The eclectic Nadia chose a long lace dress by Aniye By, attracted by the transparency and elegance of lace.

Fabrizia, the bon ton woman has opted for a flower maxi dress by W Les Femmes, because, when she wants, she remembers being beautiful and daring!

And I? I am, as you know, the daughter of 70s fashion and I also lived the fashion of the 80s, then I chose a blue dress of Mangano that reminds me very much the editorials of those years . In fact, in particular, it reminds me of a very famous model, Pat Cleveland, who loved wearing this kind of clothes and who was a real artist on the catwalk.

We found all the clothes we wear from Rossella Boutique in Via Appia Nuova 161 – Rome.

A fabulous shop that sells many brands that are not easily found, like Babylon and that offers its customers a wide choice of clothing of different styles but with a common thread: to be glam!

look elegante blu

elegant looks for every style

Tips of the day

  • All the clothes we wear are more suitable for a cocktail dress code even if they are long. The dress code black tie provides that the dress is more linear and “sober”. Of the 4 elegant looks for each style only my dress could be fine for a “black tie” evening but it is not absolutely suitable for the “white tie” one!
  • If you have celiac disease  remember that in this blog there are many gluten-free recipes, like that of the soft focaccia without gluten.
  • If you are curious to discover the world of beauty influencers over 40 read this post by Esmeralda.
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Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I cant take my eyes from your dress its gorgeous!!!
    But I must tell you I love smeg fridges!!
    Dont be jealous I like more dresses eheh!!!
    The fashion mob look wonderful.


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