3 things to do in Bali the first day

I could finally manage to write a post from here! Here are 3 things to do in Bali on the first day! From the rice terraces of Ubud, to the Luwak coffee plantation and ending with the hot springs of Mount Batur.
cosa vedere a bali risaie

Hello from the 31 ° C of the hot Indonesian island par excellence, I finally managed to stop to write two lines on things to do in Bali on the first day, or what you absolutely cannot miss.

Let’s make an introduction: our guide told us that in Bali there are only two seasons, the wet one and the dry one. Now it would be the time of the dry season … but here it is hot and humid and at this point I dare not imagine what the wet season is, buckets of water!

Among the things to do in Bali right away and that you absolutely can’t miss are the beautiful Ubud rice terraces. A cliff made of layers in which rice is grown. And precisely because it is a cliff, get ready to go down into the pit through steps even 60 cm high! A real challenge downhill, an epic climb on the way up. I will have lost at least 2 kg of water in a few minutes, but it’s worth it!

The other attraction less listed among the things to do in Bali but certainly not to be missed is the Luwak Coffee Plantation a real treat for coffee lovers even if this is done in a very particular way.

The coffee beans are in fact first ingested by some species of lemurs, the Luwaks, and then …… they are expelled with their poo.

Yes, yes you got it right: the Luwaks eat the beans and their feces are dried, cleaned and the beans roasted.

I honestly didn’t have the courage to drink Luwak Coffee but my husband did and he said it’s delicious. Meh …. I prefer our dear old italian coffee!

The last attraction I suggest among the things to do in Bali is a trip to Mount Batur and the hot springs. Here are taken those beautiful photos in which you can see people in the pool overlooking the mountains.

I also wanted to take a picture like that, too bad that 4 oversized trucks had just arrived, full of screaming Chinese people that occupied all the pools and all the possible corners.

There was no space anywhere, so because of the Chinese I missed the most instagrammabile photo ….

But I will do it again in the next few days, at the cost of chaining myself to the Lempuyang temple where I will not let anyone pass me by! Promised!

And my suitcase for Bali? Well for now let’s say that I put all the right things!

cosa vedere a bali terrazze di riso

things to do in bali rice terrace

cosa vedere a bali, piantagione di caffé

luwak piantagione di caffé bali

things to do in bali, coffee plantation ubud

hot springs batur

hot springs batur

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    wowww Francescas the photos are outsanding !! And you too. I loved your first hat !! The view from the terraces is breathtaking, I look forward to seeing more beautiful photos and looks like this.


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