3 instagrammable places in Venice

Today we talk about 3 instagrammable places in Venice, including the Acqua Alta Bookshop and this lovely bridge with gondolas and small pole with the word Love! Want to know what they are? Read here!

luoghi instagrammabili a veneziaWhich are the instagrammable places in Venice and which ones are less beautiful when seen live?

Today I take you to discover the corners where to shoot if you are looking for photos to post on social networks.

It is now clear that no one takes pictures to frame them or keep them in a photo album anymore !

Instagrammable places in Venice, bridges

Amongst the instagrammable places in Venice, the first is this delightful bridge in Venice where you can always find gondolas and their gondoliers waiting for you.

Characteristic of this place is the red pole with the love writing, ideal for romantic shots to share on social media.

For these photos I wore another spring summer 2020 preview found at Gierre Showroom together with the faux leather biker jacket you saw here.

The No Secrets long polka-dot dress seemed really perfect for taking pics in this context and so among the general dismay of the gondoliers, dispossessed by their post, we took these pictures.

I could not give you precise directions on where this bridge is located but I can tell you that it is on the road that google maps indicates to go from the Excess Venice Hotel to Liberia Acqua Alta.

The second super instagrammable bridge is obviously the Rialto Bridge. The photo must be taken on one of the many piers that are located below the bridge and not on the bridge itself.

This will allow you to have one of the symbols of Venice as a background.

The Acqua Alta Bookshop in Venice: the truth

Among the Instagrammable places in Venice, one of the most famous is the Acqua Alta Bookshop.

Known for the original solution of protecting the volumes from the phenomenon of high water, cramming them into bathtubs and boats, it has become very famous for the shots taken on the piles of books that are on the outside and on which it is possible to climb.

From the photos, we thought it was a huge space full of books but in reality it is a tiny courtyard in which piles of books are crammed onto which tourists rush to climb to take the best photo.

Live, therefore, a disappointment, but when translated into pictures ….. well it’s all another story.

The place is actually very photogenic!

After taking a shot you will find a small letterbox where you can leave your offer!

Tips of the day

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  • Are you ready to elbow for the new collaboration of Giambattista Valli for H&M which comes out in November?

luoghi instagrammabili a venezia

luoghi instagrammabili a venezia

luoghi instagrammabili a venezia

instagrammable places in venice

loughi instagrammabili a venezia

instagrammable places in venice

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