3 ideas for a Christmas outfit according to etiquette

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I don’t know about you, but I’m worried about festivities.  Like …. how do I dress? Here are 3 ideas for a Christmas outfit 2018! All according to etiquette.idee per il look di natale galateo

Festivities are making me nervous! Not only the rush to gifts, the endless lunches and dinners but also the dilemma on how to dress. That’s why I want to share with you 3 ideas for a Christmas outfit with an eye to etiquette.

Oh yes because there is also the Christmas dress code did not you know? When I was little, my mother forced me to dress as she said that, however, it almost never corresponded to how I would dress.

Actually looking back on it, her ideas for a Christmas outfit were almost always right, if it were for me I would dress like a beggar ….

I was not alone in this fate, because even my cousins ​​(see Esmeralda) were forced to dress up when we had Christmas together in my house.

Never let one of us show up at the real lady’s house in jeans! Disqualified immediately !!

So here’s how I came up with the idea of ​​creating a semi-serious vademecum with 3 simple (not so much) ideas for a Christmas outfit and frame them inside the dress code according to etiquette.

The easiest to realize among the ideas for a Christmas outfit is that of the casual chic dress code, exactly the one represented by the look of today. A colorful blouse, a faux leather skirt and a pair of ankle boots and the perfect look for an evening or a family lunch is made.

99% of us will wear a casual chic look at Christmas but obviously there is a minority that will have to dress up with appropriate dress code.

If, instead of spending Christmas with your family, you have been invited to a very elegant but informal dinner or lunch, you can opt for a cocktail dress code like the one you see here. Here is the kind of clothing that my mother would have demanded at home. The times in which we cousins ​​have managed to survive her examination have been extremely rare.

If, by chance, you are relatives of William & Henry and you have been invited to the Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace then you have to opt for a black tie dress code if not even white tie as explained in this post. And, since you will have a lot of fun, I suggest you bring a pillow for a nap between one course and another.

Fortunately I do not know the English royal family, I have not received any invitation to Buckingham Palace and I can easily dress up in causal chic style.

And you? Do you have any news from Queen Elizabeth?

idee per il look di natale galateo

ideas for a christmas outfit

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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