Among the 2021 winter sweaters the sweater with writing stands out again, preferably in color block. But instead of the usual days of the week I chose one with an inscription that represents me a lot: NO LIMITS. Because we are our only limit!

2021 winter sweatersEven if the climate is mild, let’s not be caught unprepared and let’s immediately think about 2021 winter sweaters.

There are many kinds around: with puffed sleeves, with ruffles and then there are the… sweaters with writings. Because apparently we all have something to communicate but instead of using our mouths, we use sweaters!

I must admit that I have always been a bit lacking in the sweaters department, that is, I always buy a lot of them but then I use two or three because I don’t like the others. But what will I buy them to do!

Just think that inside the drawer, I was looking at it just a few minutes ago, I saw a dozen sweaters that when I bought them seemed very cool to me and instead now I find them very ugly!

2021 winter sweaters are not all that different from those of previous years

Apart from the strong presence of puff sleeves, a very captivating detail until you have to put on a coat or jacket (and I want to see you trying to move your arms freely) there are no great news among the 2021 winter sweaters. .

For example, once again there are sweaters with writings. However, I chose a very particular one because it is super colorful and has a writing that fully represents my thought: no limits. There are no limits because our real limit is represented by ourselves.

I found the pullover with writing on Hidden Fashion, the London fashion clothing store where you can find unmissable deals. This sweater that you can buy here is 65% discounted and costs only € 7.70!

I could not miss such an opportunity, especially because, being seasonal trends, it is better to spend little on it.

Investments must be made on clothing that is timeless or that acquires value over time.

I paired the pullover with writing with a pair of jeans and the Chelsea platform boots, the winter 2021 boots that are becoming popular and that I have always bought from Hidden Fashion.

The result is a cheerful and comfortable look, don’t you think? One thing is certain, I got tired of the total black look even if it solves many problems. better a touch of color here and there.

The history of pullovers with writing begins with Alberta Ferretti

Well, in reality it is not that Mrs. Ferretti invented who knows what, but at some point she had a brilliant idea. sell 5 brightly colored chunky sweaters with contrasting gold weight lettering.

And do you know what was written on it?

Not a philosophical thought, not a few pearls of wisdom but simply the days of the week. These are the Alberta Ferretti Rainbow week sweaters and they cost as much as a kidney!

But people bought them: in packs!

And so the good and smart designer decided to create others: with the Alitalia writing (Alberta Ferretti also designed the uniforms of the national airline)!

I stayed away from temptation and waited for the right moment to pick up a co-written pullover that really represented me.

What writing would you like on your sweater?

2021 winter sweaters

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