2021 winter ankle boots: Chelsea boots

Among the 2021 winter ankle boots, white platform Chelsea boots with black sole and laces are very popular. They are the most popular variant at the time of the famous ankle boots launched by the Beatles, which originally were characterized by the side elastic band and the absence of laces. Today I’ll tell you why I changed my mind about these boots and how to wear them.

2021 winter ankle bootsAs every year. I like to review the news in the world of women’s shoes and among the 2021 winter ankle boots I immediately noticed the emergence of a truly controversial trend: platform chelsea boots.

They exist in many variations: with laces, without laces, black, white. in short, there are something for all tastes!

I admit that I have always found them really ugly, in my opinion they can be worn with ease only if you are tall and with thin legs otherwise they show any physical defect. In any case they are really too “masculine” for my taste.

But then I found I found the right model and the story changed ….

Chelsea platform boots, how to choose the right model among 2021 winter ankle boots

The platform Chelsea boots you see in these photos I found them on Hidden Fashion, an online London clothing store where you can find all the latest trends at affordable prices.

My white ankle boots with black soles normally cost around 50 euros but today you can find them here with 70% discount at 12.71 €.

Among the 2021 winter ankle boots they are perhaps the most original, because we have already seen and reviewed the rest Texans, stilettos, biker boots are always present in every season. Chelsea boots have not been seen for a long time.

Chelsea boots have lived several lives and today are re-proposed with the platform or the rubber tank as sole.

I admit I wrinkled my nose when I saw them worn by a friend but since only the stupid do not change their mind when I saw these I immediately decided to take them!

They have the thinnest tip and are therefore much more feminine than the other models I’ve seen around.

This model also fits perfectly to those who, like me, almost always wear the heel 12!

They also have white laces and this second and makes the shoe much more elegant than if it had black laces.

Well oh, elegant is a big word but let’s say it can be less “heavy”.

Chelsea boots or Beatles boots: what are they

Chelsea boots were born in London in the 60s, they are practical due to the absence of laces and side elastic bands but at the same time they are also elegant. They have a Cuban heel and are snug to the ankle.

In 1961 Paul McCartney and John Lennon decided to make the Beatles wear them with some minor modifications and therefore Beatles boots were born.

Today the model is completely different, obviously, Chelsea boots continue to survive by adapting to the trends of the moment.

And do you like these ankle boots?

2021 ankle boots

stivaletti inverno 2021

stivaletti inverno 2021

stivaletti inverno 2021

2021 winter ankle boots

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  1. they are fun boots and you wear them well! I’m sure they will be a very practical choice over winter 🙂 I have a few Chelsea boots, they are nice for the cold days!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start 🙂

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