What are the 2020 winter hosiery trends? Are stockings still trendy? But above all ….. nude pantyhose, yay or nay? Here are some useful tips to show off your legs even in winter!

2020 hosiery trendsIt’s chilly outside and if we want to show off our legs it would be better to cover them. Fortunately, the 2020 winter hosiery trends are really cool and original. Here is what is fashionable and which models of stockings you should choose based on your body shape.

And then I would also like to spend a few words on the most mistreated pantyhose, the nude stockings.

2020 winter hosiery trends: which models are fashionable and which colors?

One thing is certain: the 2020 winter hosiery trends differ very little from the 2019 winter ones.

Stockings with geometric figures are still very current and Calzedonia offers us again rhombuses and houndstooth. Models that are more or less good at all. We can say that they are very popular!

Lace and animal prints are also reconfirmed among the protagonists and are always in fashion.

So what has really changed in 2020 winter hosiery trends?

Color, color, color: never like this year can we dare with bright colors.

Yellow, orange, blue … the stockings must be bright and blinding and, above all, in the same color as the shoe you are wearing.

If we really want to amaze, we can also show off a floral print pantyhose on a super colored background like those seen at Anna Sui’s fall / winter 2019-2020 fashion show. but I recommend you have super thin legs to wear this trend!

Glitter: glittery stockings are finally back. Directly from the 80s, socks with glitter have reappeared.

Do you think I used to wear them as a young girl to go to aerobics classes while my friends went to parties.

I wasn’t going around, do you know why? Because, however beautiful they may be, glittery stockings enlarge the leg even for those who are thin.

They are beautiful but they are real killers of the tapered leg.

Nude stockings: yay or nay?

Here is the eternal dilemma: a few years ago the libelous campaign against flesh-colored stockings started, guilty of reminding us of our grandmothers.

Those who wore nude pantyhose were immediately pointed out as blasphemous and ghettoized.

From the web, the campaign went viral and grandmothers also refused to wear flesh-colored stockings.

I don’t know what you think but I have never had problems wearing nude stockings since I prefer not to catch a cold and I don’t find them absolutely inappropriate.

And I’m glad to see that this year, Calzedonia, offers flesh-colored rhombus stockings! And they are sold out! Here, you see that nude stockings are also trendy????

calze in pizzo inverno 2020

calze moda 2020

2020 winter hosiery trends

2020 hosiery trends2020 winter hosiery trends

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