The days get shorter and grayer and the night becomes the star, here is my proposal for a 2020 winter disco look!

2020 winter disco lookAfter the 2019 summer disco look, here is my proposal for a 2020 winter disco look!

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What are the basic elements of the 2020 winter disco look?

The keyword is to shine! Sequins, metallic fabrics, glitter must always be present in the 2020 winter disco look.

Let’s go back to the 70s and 80s, when the disco look was based on excess.

From shoes with glittery heels to leg warmers with sequins, everything was excessive!

In 2020 the disco fashion foresees that in addition to the sequins there are also feathers, that’s why as an accessory I chose a clutch with the feathers that I stole from my friend Fabrizia!

If you love excess you can also think about wearing a voluminous tulle skirt like this that you also see in this look.

I admit candidly that I don’t like going to the disco and so this 2020 winter disco look I’ll turn it into an outfit for a dinner at a restaurant with friends because it is actually also suitable for a less noisy evening!

The story of these photos taken in Venice

This photo shoot is what I call “Chiara Gasbarri unplugged”.

Chiara is the official photographer of The Fashion Mob and often the kidnapping also for some individual photos when the Husband is not available.

These photos are not retouched, no light or color adjustments. Chiara Gasbarri unplugged precisely.

The real photographer is the one who knows how to take perfect pictures without resorting to any trick, as in this case.

And they weren’t easy pictures as she had chosen to shoot in a narrow and super crowded alley!

Among throngs of tourists, humans and canines, we managed to steal some shots including the one in which I say to Chiara “you chose the least crowded alley eh?”!

But thanks to the crowd, one of my favorite shots came out, the first, what seems like a wrong shot but isn’t.

A passer-by covers me partially but I’m perfectly in focus, it’s one of the coolest shots I’ve seen Chiara do,

And then there’s the photo with the dog, which isn’t mine, but it looked like a tourist like the others.

Look how he started walking by my side, he seems to do it on purpose!

vestito dorato corto

look da discoteca inverno 2020

look da discoteca inverno 2020

vestito dorato corto e borsa con piume

look da discoteca inverno 2020

vicoli di venezia

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  1. Hi Francesca
    Wow that dress is awesome!! And you are very lucky to have that photographer, the pics are amazing!!
    I love golden and shinny garments, I think we have the same tastes!!
    I think the tourists thought that you are a hollywood star ahahah

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