Are you really 49 years old? Who? Me? Naaaah! Instead yes! Today I’m celebrating my birthday with a 2020 summer maxi dress, because if it is true that I am now close to 50 it is also true that I am also nearing the end of my bank account hahahaha!

2020 summer maxi dress49 years of spendthrift and I’m proud of it. Today I celebrate my 49 years with a new 2020 summer maxi dress, because you know how it is, I can’t get enough of long dresses.

This in particular has all the right characteristics to accompany me in this strange summer 2020, in full coexistence with the coronavirus. It is long, it is green (the color I love) and it is very practical.

How to choose the 2020 summer maxi dress and why collect them?

I found my 2020 summer maxi dress here (search ID: 1036273) and with the code ì Q2Selvaggia you will be entitled to a 15% discount on all orders over 39 euros!

As you can see, it has an halter top, flounces and it has polka dots that on a mint green like the background are not even so evident.

It is a dress that is suitable for those with broad shoulders like me while it is less suitable for those with drooping shoulders who instead should prefer a square neckline to create volume.

2020 summer maxi dresses are still with flounces like last year’s dresses and this is good because the flounces are romantic and at the same time they help to hide some flaws.

As you know, I collect maxi dresses, I really have a lot of them, now they are my characteristic. I can say that I collect long dresses but in reality it is a healthy habit that we should all take.

Because? For three reasons:

  1. The maxi dress saves the last minute situation. Do you have to go out and haven’t shaved? Does the hair on the legs look like the redwoods of Yosemite Park? The long dress is the instant solution to get around the razor or waxing.
  2. Long dresses never go out of style: year after year they are always present in clothing stores. A maxi dress is a good investment.
  3. The maxi dress is practical and comfortable, compared to trousers it does not tighten anywhere and leaves no marks and compared to a minidress it has the advantage of always being in its place!

How to celebrate the dawn of 50 years?

I have two solutions: either I close myself in a nunnery but I don’t think the nuns could ever accept a folkloric “novice” like me or I can put a good face on a bad game and accept that it is only one year before the stroke of the fateful 50.

It really seems to me yesterday that I was 18 and sweating to get my license!

And instead here I am, mother of a kid of almost 11 , Capizzi’s wife from 20 and 49 years old …..

How will we celebrate? I have no idea. For the first time the Husband says he has organized something. I hope it’s not an evening of documentaries on Hitler and Mussolini!

I will be able to tell you and best wishes to me (by all means)!

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Selvaggia Capizzi

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