2020 must have bags

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They are gorgeous, they are inspired by Venice and they are totally customizable: here are the 2020 must have bags. They are by Vodivì and they are entirely Made in Italy.

borse must have 2020We at The Fashion Mob really love to act as trend hunters and we went hunting for the 2020 must have bags. We issued the verdict: we believe they are the bags from Vodivì’s Venezia collection, a brand that has a lot of experience in the leather industry. and that blends fashion, art and tourism in the name of Made in Italy.

The 2020 must have bags are customizable

One of the things that we at TFM look for more in an accessory is uniqueness, it must be ours.

With Vodivì we could literally “build” our bag.

After choosing the model (for me Serenissima, Teresa for Nadia and Fabrizia and Laguna for Ida), thanks to the configurator, we were also able to select the color of the leather and the seams, the colors of the insert in precious Murano glass and above all we have could have our initials impressed!

I chose the Serenissima model because I love bucket bags. I wanted it fire red with red stitching and I chose a three color insert created by the glass artist Adriana Bodrero with the glass fusing technique.

On the back, embossed, there are my initials!

Vodivì bags are produced entirely in Italy with certified vegetable-tanned leather. The interiors are made exclusively with natural fabrics: hemp or cotton. Metals are nickel free for the avoidance of allergies.

Vodivì has also obtained the “TF-Traceability & Fashion” certificate issued by Unionfiliere and promoted by Unioncamere and the Italian Chambers of Commerce to redevelop and enhance the protagonists of Made in Italy products. It is in practice the passport of a product that provides the consumer with details about the processing site of the main production phases. The guarantee of this system is entrusted to an alphanumeric code inserted in the product label, which shows all the details of its history.

With Vodivì bags you travel to the place where they are inspired

When it arrives at home, the Vodivì bag interacts with the person who purchased it.

Thanks to the app that you can download by following the instructions that you will find in the box it will be possible to immerse yourself in the city to which the bag is inspired by framing the mirror that you will find in the package.

Augmented reality will take you, for example, to Venice and you will discover the story that inspired the creation of the bag and the wonders of this city.

Furthermore, by framing the Vodivì logo on the box you can see the company that created it and its history.

In short, the 2020 must have bags are super technological, personalized and are …. Vodivì!

borse must have 2020

2020 must have bags

2020 must have bags

2020 must have bags

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