2020 hair accessories: hair clips

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After the maxi headbands trends here are the new 2020 hair accessories trends : hair clips are confirmed in pole position, better if worn all together! Mine are by Kitch, a truly brilliant American brand!

accessori per capelli 2020What are the 2020 hair accessories not to be missed? Definitely the hair clips. With writing, with bows, with chains …. the important thing is to wear as much as possible of them!

Last spring summer maxi headbands were the popular hair accessories. There was no influencer who did not have at least 5 of different fabrics and colors. I’ve taken two, one fuchsia and one blue, but I have to admit that I don’t particularly look good with them.

Hair clips are much better, at least in my case.

Where to find the coolest 2020 hair accessories?

I found them at Kitsch, an online site that sells all kinds of trendy hair accessories.

How did I find out? For necessity! I had to leave for Bali and I knew that I would have to face an unmanageable hair, since I have curly hair that tends to frizz.

So I tried to find a solution, until I saw Kitsch’s hair clips and I fell in love with them.

In Bali I used them a lot and if you like to look around read this post!

In this neo-grunge style look (but with a western touch) I decided to wear a lot of them all together.

The hair clips of these photos belong to the collection that Kitsch conceived in collaboration with Justine Marjan, the hairstylist of celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

I had the pleasure of receiving the complete box of the coolest 2020 hair accessories of the moment, not only clasps but also super glam headbands that surely are much better than the curved ones.

Soon on the blog I will also show you the other accessories, so stay tuned!

How to tame curly hair

But how, you have straight hair! No, I wish it was true. I have them so much curls that if left in the wild I resemble the gorgon medusa …… and if you don’t believe us look at this post!

I’ve lived with it since I was born and I’ve always dreamed of them smooth and silky.

Summer, by the sea, I silently suffer envying those who come out of the sea and have perfect hair.

Instead, I look like the monster of the lagoon. I didn’t have to be born with curly hair, no one in the family has it. Yet I found myself with a bush on my head.

That’s why some time ago I dedicated a post on how to manage curly hair and you can read it here.

Certainly hair clips are a way to hold an otherwise uncontainable hair.

And you? Do you have straight or curly hair?

accessori per capelli 2020

2020 hair accessories

2020 hair accessories

2020 hair accessories

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