2019 winter sales tips: what is not to be missed for her and for him. How best to deal with purchases? Here are 4 rules to follow to avoid mistakes.

2019 winter sales have started a few days ago and will continue until the end of March.

With Francesca we have already seen what to buy and how not to run into some “scam”.

Today Mattia and I decided to draw up a list of useful rules to keep in mind to make the most of the 2019 winter sales, save money and avoid rip-offs.
But be careful: first of all, do you know what it is worth buying for the 2019 winter sales? Nothing too tied to the current collection because the time when you can wear these items is now “limited”.

Better to focus on items of fundamental importance that you can safely use next winter.
Once this is done, the next step is to draw up a list of products to be purchased and set a budget. This wish list will allow you to have clear ideas on what to buy and be less influential in front of the many discounted items that fill the store shelves.

Also because often in front of an infinite variety of proposals you get carried away and you risk buying unnecessary purchases.
I am of the opinion that during the sales it is more profitable to focus on buying better products, at the most convenient price, rather than grab the highest number of items at the lowest price.

Better to invest in a higher quality purchase, more important and lasting, at a price below the average than to hunt for business in low cost chains.

Our guide to the 2019 winter sales offers you to focus on two types of categories:

the first are the passepartout garments, those that will never go out of fashion, true must-haves. An example? Women’s boots or a nice coat of a neutral color. Surely I will be easier to get pissed off by the favorable prices of a coat in fantasy but are you sure you will put it back next season?

the second is the “transversal” garments that can also be used in spring and summer: not too heavy. if you play early and take a look at next season’s trends you can also find something on sale that will accompany you next spring.

Last rule, the golden one, for our guide to 2019 winter sales : choose clothes that fit your body. Very often you are encouraged to spend simply because you think that piece will soon be sold out or that the price is really advantageous but it is not said that it is right for you.

Alessia & Mattia

2019 winter sales

saldi invernali 2019

saldi invernali 2019

saldi invernali 2019

saldi invernali 2019

saldi invernali 2019

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Tips of the day

  • To go shopping during sales, you need energy! Go ahead for food supplements like these
  • Cold does not help your skin, we try to treat it better with these products
  • Even the hair is suffering during the winter, here is a good method to treat them.
Alessia Lo Re

Alessia Lo Re

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  1. Hi Francesca
    These tips are good but I this year in sales I went to ruin ahahahah
    Soon I will show on the blog some of these purchases.
    But I fulfilled some of these rules, I bought good boots a good winter coat and so on … and so on … ahahah



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