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If it’s cold in Rome, in Bali it was hot, so here’s the chance to show you the 2019 summer sandals by Gardini Spirit and a mini guide on which model to choose!
sandali gardini estate 209

Of course talking about 2019 summer sandals with the weather in Rome these days it might seem a contradiction, but I wore these beautiful thong sandals by Gardini Spirit in Bali, where it was hot !!!

Who knows now when I can wear them here!

Among all the models of 2019 summer sandals that I found on Gardini Spirit I chose 3 models, one you saw yesterday, another you will see soon and then there are these thong sandals with glitter that are really jewel sandals.

I wore them to go to the only decent beach I found in Bali and I’ll tell you about it soon, the Karma Beach Club, a billionaire place (we were the only poor ones) where all the women stopped me to find out where I bought these sandals.

They were close to asking me to try them on!

How to choose the right model for you among the 2019 summer sandals?

There are three factors to consider: feet, ankles and calves.

If you have beautiful feet, you can dare the thong model that leaves the foot more exposed and free. If you have a wide sole I advise against this model because you risk looking like Donald Duck. Better to focus on the models with the band, more restrained.

If you have thin ankles, choose sandals with a strap that emphasize their shape. If you have thick ankles you should instead avoid the strap.

The same goes for the calves, if they are tapered then go ahead with the strap, if they are soccer player like it is better to opt for the classic slippers or flip-flops.

Heel or not heel? Here a separate chapter opens. The 2019 summer sandals are either with or without heels, the choice depends on where you need to go.

On the beach, for me, you go without heels. Also because the heels sink into the sand and you risk to take on that wobbling gait that is very little fascinating or to remain stranded on the beach as if you had been swallowed by the quicksand.

So, waiting for the good weather to finally arrive in Italy and wait too long, you should start choosing your ideal model among the 2019 summer sandals.

2019 summer sandals

sandali estate 2019

sandali estate 2019 gardini spirit

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