2019 summer sales, what to buy

The 2019 summer sales have now begun throughout Italy and today we continue with the mini-guide on what to buy, for example a leopard print dress like this by Paco Rabanne!
saldi estate 2019

The 2019 summer sales have started and we continue with our guide on what to buy during the 2019 summer sales!

One of the trends that never goes out of fashion is the leopard print look. And I interpret it with this leopard print dress by Paco Rabanne that I found from Gibot!

There are a thousand different ways to decline the famous leopard spots, small, large, black, colored.

Every year and in every season, the spotted trend is repeated with a different interpretation.

One thing is certain: during the 2019 summer sales you have to buy a leopard print garment

Of course, as long as it reflects your personality. There is nothing worse than wearing a trend that does not belong to us.

If you have a minimal style, the leopard print look is not for you. Or not. Because if used in minimal doses, a pair of shoes, a scarf, a bag can give a touch of class to the look. And in this case you can take advantage of the 2019 summer sales to make a spotted accessory yours.

Who looks good with the leopard print look?

The leopard print look is good for all those people who like it. It seems nonsense but it is so.

Let me give you an example: my aunt was born to wear leopard prints, she has everything spotted, she just need to make spots on her face. And on her leopard prints look good even if maybe she is of a certain age and is not really skinny.

But the result is never vulgar, quite the contrary.

Instead I have seen some people follow this trend without really loving it, with disastrous results.

If you do not like the spotted animal and you just want to follow a trend, it will be terrible!

Fashion influencer and leopard print look

Yes, but you wear the spotted look because you are a fashion blogger and you have to be flashy.

Let’s debunk a myth: whether you like it or not (but if you follow this blog I think you like it) I dress like that.

For me the leopard print is a second skin so it’s true that I’ve always worn it even at the dawn of the blog!

And then … do you know that I’m not really Francesca Romana but Wild?

So who better than me can wear a spotted look ???

saldi estate 2019

saldi estate 2019

vestito maculato paco rabanne

2019 summer sales

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