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Maybe we are almost there and the warmer season has arrived! I can finally show off my 2019 summer look by 24.24 clothing! Remember that prints and denim are the protagonists of the summer season!

After a winter that never seemed to end, I’m ready to show you a 2019 summer look by 24.25 Clothing.

The inspiration, as always, is the folk style because it is my favorite and it is also fortunately one of the 2019 summer fashion trends .

The maxi skirt with prints is the must have for this spring summer 2019 season

Short skirt or long skirt? Between the two, in the 2019 summer look, the maxi skirt wins.

And if you think that walking around with bare legs is more feminine you are mistaken.

A long skirt is much more provocative because it leaves room for imagination.

It emphasizes the figure and hides the flaws, an excellent strategic choice when you want to show the best of yourself.

Denim is the star of the 2019 summer look

Now ubiquitous on the catwalks around the world, denim is revived in various forms.

I chose a very good-looking dark jeans top that goes perfectly with the graphic print maxi skirt.

The jeans therefore continue to be protagonists also this season and I would say fortunately. I and I have so many that I could easily open 10 stores!

Denim can be interpreted in various ways: a long denim dress, a top or a pair of cropped flare jeans.

What are the right accessories for this summer?

Let’s start with the 2019 summer jewels, both flashy and minimal but personalized jewels are in fashion.

The cult bag to have is definitely the Dior Saddle Bag. Do you know the bag made in the shape of a saddle? It can be yours for only € 2,600 and if you want to take away your whim, you can also buy the embroidered shoulder strap for € 1,500 !!!!

As for the shoes, the Texan ankle boots are in fashion but for those who, like me, prefer to be free, here are the 2019 summer sandals to choose from.

Summer is finally coming. it’s time to think about your 2019 summer look and upcoming holidays.

We will go to Skiathos in August, then Greece again, after Zakynthos and Crete.

I don’t know what to expect except a beautiful sea.

The only thing I know is that there are so many wasps, I hope to be refuted on the spot!

look estate 2019

2019 summer look

2019 summer look

look estate 2019

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