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Do you have to choose the 2019 summer hair color? Be aware that warm colors, both blond and brown, but also vivid ones like red, are trendy. I’m back to my natural color, the golden coppery blond but obviously with a little help!
colore capelli estate 2019

The sadness of having white hair since I was 27 still hasn’t passed. When I chose the 2019 summer hair color I decided to stop with the blonde and get closer to my natural color, the golden coppery blond.

The reason why I had rejected this hypothesis so far is that no hairdresser has ever managed to reproduce it.

My family remembers my natural color well because for all my cousins ​​I was the “redhead”.

Then suddenly at 15 I decided that I was tired of being called like that and I became blonde … alone and with the help of hydrogen peroxide ….. a disaster.

From there I decided that I didn’t want to go back to my natural color because unfortunately the “redheads” were really stigmatized. When I thought about switching back to the natural color I now had white hair and I had to dye it. Only nobody could reproduce it. I became an eggplant, a strawberry, a cherry. Another disaster.

Then I went back to the blond with highlitghts,

So I took advantage of the choice of 2019 summer hair color to test my hairdressers and here is the result.

I am very happy with my color which is really similar to my original.

But if you want to experiment with other nuances, you should know that the natural ones with imperceptible micro lightening are in fashion.

Or you can bet on silver or lilac, which are still fashionable!

As long as you want to dare because these colors are not good for everyone: on me, at my age they would be ridiculous.

Another 2019 summer hair color not to be overlooked is the baby blond that mixes various types of blond together or if you are more Mediterranean you can opt for the chocolate gloss!

In short, there is something for all the complexions and for all tastes.

I hold onto my newly found color, which fortunately allows me to wear the color of summer 2019: green! And for the occasion I dusted off this vintage top that was my mother’s. You like it?

colore capelli estate 2019

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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