2019 summer fashion trends, off the shoulder!

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The 2019 summer fashion trends leaves the shoulders uncovered and I immediately took advantage of the milder temperatures to wear this delicious off the shoulder dress, interpreted as top!

The 2019 summer fashion trends still predicts that we go around with bare shoulders ! This trend is now repeated every season (even in winter) and buying today means saving tomorrow.

So I took this off the shoulder dress (ASIN: B07416LLYP) that I found here and that you can buy with a 5% discount with the code FXXDZBBV.

But since I am tall it looks good to me as a top and that’s how I wore it in these photos on my beautiful terrace that is not so beautiful anymore, since there are no flowers, we lack the table with chairs and maybe need also to be re-painted, but I am sure that my husband will soon be at work on it.

On the other hand, our terrace is often the protagonist of my shots so I have to make it more instagrammable right?

The 2019 summer fashion trends therefore once again sees the bare shoulder as protagonist, but is this trend good for everyone?

Unfortunately not. Either you have nice shoulders and beautiful skin or you better not uncover your shoulders unless you are at sea.

I have a swimmer’s shoulders because I tell you a secret: I played professional water polo and they are my legacy.

The only discomfort I have is the thousands of freckles that populate my shoulders, these too are a legacy. That of being a natural red … well now no longer since my hair is almost white.

In the end I learned to accept my freckled skin and I’m not afraid to leave my shoulders uncovered.

Always better than discovering the belly. Another of the 2019 summer fashion trends that I don’t like at all.

First because I can’t afford it, given the age. And secondly, because even when I was younger I always thought that the uncovered belly was terribly little glam outside the confines of sea life.

The 70s fashion, foresaw the bare belly with the shirt tied over the waist and the bell-bottom jeans. But they were other times, with other dynamics.

As I write this post, the weather has deteriorated again, a sign that spring is struggling to establish itself. The temperatures have dropped again and the sweaters are again useful.

But what’s wrong with dreaming of summer?

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2019 summer fashion trends

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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One Response

  1. Hi Francesca
    I dont like that much of that trend. But you look great, water polo pro? wowww
    I like my belly btw hahahh!! Well I swim a lot so I guess I have good shoulders too, but that trend seems so unconfortable!!
    That dress worn like a dress made a perfect outfit.


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