Among the 2019 summer fashion colors green stands out in various shades, I interpreted it with a vintage sequin top and very pious jewels !!
colori moda estate 2019

Green in all its forms is the protagonist of the 2019 summer fashion colors. And luckily I would say since I returned to my natural color, red, which is enhanced by its green color.

Do you know that this color is associated with hope? That’s why I wore it, I really hope that summer starts early because I can’t stand rain and cold anymore!

The green among the 2019 summer fashion colors is certainly the one that best suits my personality and is also very easy to combine.

I took the opportunity to “resurrect” this sequined top that belonged to my mother and I had never worn.

The top is very short so I had to cover my belly with a blazer.

I no longer have the age now to go to with my bare stomach and despite all the planks I do, I no longer have the 6 packs tummy of the past.

I opted for a green and black look to bring out the top.

It is a suitable look for a disco night or even for a slightly glamorous aperitif.

As jewelry, I chose to wear a rosary necklace and a cross ring by Duccio‘s .

As you know, religious jewels have been in fashion for some years and are now even more in vogue. But my necklace has something extra, it’s personalized with the initial of my real name, Selvaggia.

A name that contrasts somewhat with the more “pious” tone of these jewels, you think they didn’t want to baptize me. It is only after the second name of Francesca Romana was imposed on me that my mother managed to win.

In addition to green and living coral, among the 2019 summer fashion colors there is also beige, a more neutral color that should be combined to avoid the “nun on the run” effect.

One of the possible combinations is precisely with green, beige and green in fact they are perfectly complementary!

Which shades of green to choose? From military green to emerald green to finish with sage green, they are all very good, but I prefer the latter two. Military green has largely stewed me.

Is green looking good on everyone? Well yes. It’s one of the few colors that really fits everyone, so what are you waiting for? Green is waiting for you!

collana a rosario personalizzata

colori moda estate 2019

collana personalizzata a rosario

2019 summer fashion colors

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Selvaggia or sould I say Francesca??? ahahh!!
    I love emerald green and that top is something!!
    You look powerful!! And I loveeeee jewels they are tempting me all the time, and yours are simple and beautiful.

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