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The 2019 summer disco look must be sparkling! But also original! Why not take advantage of summer sales to buy a dress for your social evenings? Here’s where we got ours!look da discoteca elegante

Holidays are approaching and it’s time to think about a 2019 summer disco look. The mood must be sparkling.

But since the disco look is not something you wear every day, it’s best to try to find the right dress by taking advantage of the 2019 summer sales.

We at The Fashion Mob went without fail to Gibot  where we found some really perfect desses for a night at the disco.

I chose a Paco Rabannedress with stars that I find really perfect for a disco look

In summer it is hot and when you dance it is even hotter; the disco look must be sparkling but light so as not to sweat.

Because let’s honestly say: sweat is not very chic!

That is one of the reasons I rarely go to dance clubs.

You don’t know how many times it happened to me that people hit me and left me a nice sweat trail. Ugh. For me it’s really a nightmare!

Heels yes or no?

The disco is one of those few places where heels are mandatory, especially if you are dressed in a glam and sparkling look like these that are definitely not suitable for sneakers!

Even if the heels have their downside … at the end of the evening your feet will scream revenge!

But we also look at the positive side: the heels are a winning weapon also for stepping on the toes (and hurting) to those who make inappropriate hits on you.

In the past it often happened that I was approached by the most unlikely male fauna. The threat of a heel immediately made them give up.

On what other occasions can we show off these looks?

Once we have made this type of investment it is better to think of other events in which to wear these disco looks.

Certainly in the etiquette they are not contemplated either as a cocktail dress or even as a black tie one.

They are suitable for a 70s party or for a beach party.

But you can also be more daring and wear them for a dinner in an elegant club!

look da discoteca

look da discoteca estate 2019

look da discoteca

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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