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Soon we will be leaving for the sea and now it is time to think about 2019 summer bikinis : which models to buy on sales? I chose one from La Flaca, with a triangle top, leopard prints and flounces! Perfect for Skiathos!
bikini estate 2019

In just over a month, my family and I will be going to Skiathos together with some friends, which is why I went hunting for 2019 summer bikinis, perhaps even taking advantage of the current sales.

My bikinis must be flashy and for this reason I found myself perfectly well at buying on La Flaca, a store full of bikinis and one piece swimsuits!

The 2019 summer bikinis are spotted and with flounces!

I told you that during the summer sales of 2019 you should buy leopard prints, didn’t I? Well this is also true for the 2019 summer beachwear, the leopard print look is always very fashionable!

If we add a particularly trendy detail, flounces, the bikini becomes even more appealing.

Which model of swimsuit to choose

The triangle bikini is always in vogue. Launched in the 1970s when women began to uncover themselves, it was left in oblivion until the beginning of the new millennium.

But from 2000 onwards it has remained firmly on top of the most popular women’s beachwear rankings and is still among the most popular among the 2019 summer bikinis.

It doesn’t look good on everyone though … avoid it if your breasts are sagging. And if you are flat like me, choose a model with cups or flounces strategically placed to give volume!

Who of you has a prosperous bosom can choose a model of bandeau or balcony bikini and for those who are nostalgic of the 50s the choice can fall on the one piece swimsuit, a great classic recently returned to the fore.

We decided to go to Greece again this summer: after Crete and Zakynthos we will go to Skiathos, our first time in the Sporades.

We have chosen a villa in the country and we will surely go for a ride to Skopelos to see the famous church of “Mamma mia!” where endless and steep steps will be waiting for us to get there!

The only drawback: it seems that Skiathos, in addition to tourists, also hosts a large colony of wasps.

And I’m terrified of it. I’m sure I’m going to spend my vacation in a constant state of anxiety!

2019 summer bikini

2019 summer bikinis

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Woww Francesca!
    You are in great shape!! You never ever had problems facing your body, you are a perfect woman at 47!!
    The women should have envy of you!!
    And the bikini is amazing!!

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