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It’s true that it’s still cold but we must look forward and pay attention to the 2019 spring summer trends. Here’s what awaits us!

tendenze primavera estate 2019

We are still in the middle of winter but today I make you dream a little. What will be the colors and the 2019 spring summer trends?

If we were to summarize, we could simply say that there is the whole rainbow.

In September I attended the Milan and London fashion shows and it is from these that we start today to talk about the 2019 spring summer trends and colors.

Not everything that you see in the catwalks will then be produced for large retailers but we can still take considerable cues.

What really changes are the combinations of these new fashion colors for summer 2019, let’s see how.

Let’s start with the colors: the beige in all its variations is the trendiest summer color, (for Pantone the color of 2019 instead is coral red)

So let’s start looking at those garments in neutral tones that should not be missing in our wardrobe: trench coats, easy dresses and suits with skirts or trousers.

The best example comes from the Burberry spring summer 2019 women’s collection, Riccardo Tisci has brought to the catwalk a women’s collection created with chic and elegant garments with matching tone-on-tone combinations.

Bright colors are not lacking among the 2019 spring summer trends, the red declined in more shades is proposed in day dresses, total red, two shades, combinations with black or even total red for the evening. But when it comes to red clothes there is only one name that made history in this sense: and it is Valentino whose long or short dresses have that extra something that has always distinguished the style.

But even among the softest shades there are news: pink, blue, lilac are those colors typically spring ceremony and that in women’s clothing collections never fail.

We have been invaded in the season passed by the leopard print look but it is not over yet. Do not go out of fashion all the fabrics with leopard print, there are various ways to wear a nice animal print dress, what do you think of those chosen for you?

We close with the most classic color between the 2019 spring summer trends: black.

Short or long black dresses according to the occasion for summer are not lacking, here are the best models.

For those looking for simplicity and timeless elegance, the sleeveless sheath dress by Guy la Roche, suitable for important occasions, is the long dress with a dark total duster by Akris and for those who love the more aggressive style: the suit with skirt and central buttoning by Versace.

The tendency that I do not approve of? Among all the hardest to wear will be the cycling shorts launched last year by Kim Kardashian, or the sporty leggins to the knee to wear with the jacket as proposed Chanel.

Ugly, ugly!

Alessia Lo Re

2019 spring summer trends
tendenze primavera estate 2019
tendenze primavera estate 2019
tendenze primavera estate 2019
tendenze primavera estate 2019

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

3 Responses

  1. Hi Francesca
    No please cycling shorts!!! As well as black dresses in spring. I love coral red and all the colors. Leo print just a little bit in a accessorie.
    But I m goona tell you I already buy things for spring and I choose green.

  2. Great insights! The leopard print really had serious takers in 2018, and continues to be much sought after patterns by fashionistas. Snakeskin and zebra prints are much in demand. Also back are polka dots and the 80s style funky vintage women shirts, paired with elaborate accessories.

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