2019 spring summer jewelry trends

What are the 2019 spring summer jewelry trends? Can we dare or should we be minimal? Silver or gold? We find out about it today but already the picture gives you some indication of what I chose!

Today we talk about 2019 spring summer jewelry trends, because it’s time to dream about tanned skin, summer evenings and warmer temperatures!

As I write, it is cold again and the weather is bad. Fortunately at Easter we will go to Bali, where I hope to find a better climate than this. I do like geese that in winter fly to milder climates.

And in Bali I will be covered with bijoux and jewels and others I will buy on the spot.

But what are the 2019 spring summer jewelry trends? We must abound or contain ourselves. Better gold or silver?

Although many jewellery brands have recently been born that praise the minimal, you should know that the eye-catching jewel still reigns supreme. The important thing is that it is classy.

I chose the Circular set of Athena Gioielli which has a peculiarity: bracelet and necklace are made of several pieces and therefore it is possible to dare or go “smooth”.

I obviously chose to dare also because with these highly-valued Italian jewels one can easily abound and still remain chic.

Silver or gold? The 2019 spring summer jewelry trends still say that silver is the absolute protagonist.

But gold is timidly making its appearance, driven by a strong marketing operation.

I, personally, have always preferred silver, even though being red-haired, gold would be better for me.

But it is perhaps the very fact of being red that keeps me from wearing gold. The final effect is “too much” in my opinion.

Gold is certainly better for blondes, while for darker shaed of hair color silver is more suitable.

Jewelry can completely change a look.

A classic outfit can become more rock-ish by choosing modern or flashy jewelry or jewels.

Just as a more “aggressive” look can be more classic if the jewels are minimal.

I have never wanted to be minimal and since high school I have chosen highly bijoux that express my personality.

But there are days when I feel more “sober” and I choose jewelry less showy but always original.

However, it is virtually impossible for me to leave the house without a necklace or bracelet unless I have to go to the gym.

And the people around me know that!

I take this opportunity to thank Flavia Liotta, owner of the house where these photos were taken and author of the shots. Know that you risked that I took away your sofa, right?

2019 spring summer jewelry trends

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    The sofa is great btw but its not the sofa I want to talk about!
    That necklace is gorgeous, modern and beautiful, like you said I’m blonde so I prefer gold that’s true. But I have silver jewelry too. It depends on my mood ah!
    And your sweater is fab.


  2. I don’t have any one piece of jewelry that I wear every day except my wedding rings, but I do wear my initial pendant from Mark and Graham over and over (It has my initial and the initials of each of my 2 kids).

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