2019 spring summer fashion trends

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The summer has come and it’s time to ride the spring summer 2019 fashion trends and then go ahead with cowboy boots and boho chic blouses like this one, are you ready ???

Finally the warm season has arrived and we can begin to discover ourselves. Among the spring summer 2019 fashion trends we find, in addition to cowboy boots, blouses with a strong boho chic appeal like the one I wear (ASIN: B078W7Q8GG) and which I found here and which today with the 5LEHJKAP code is available with 10% discount.

Why did I choose red? Because blue was not available hahahaha!
In any case, I really like this color, especially when combined with denim.

What I did in this look also because denim is still a protagonist among the spring summer 2019 fashion trends.

And I couldn’t not wear a nice pair of cowboy boots that I took from Rossella Boutique and that have a very comfortable heel.

The blouse has turned up the nose of the super bigot Hubby who thinks that we women still live in southern Italy of the 40s and we should dress with a diving suit.
But I don’t care and I wear it anyway, also because if he married me like that, he keeps me so, doesn’t he?

Going back to the spring summer 2019 fashion trends, in addition to the colors, accessories are also the stars and the Texan boot is absolutely a must have.

Just think that I’ve been in the cowboy boots four years ago, when landing in Los Angeles and making a long queue to get the rental car, I noticed a beautiful pair of Texan boots at the feet of a tall girl and wearing them with skirt and leggings, the model was very similar to the one I wear in these photos but looking far and wide during our American vacation I couldn’t find a single pair.

And if you think about it that girl was an influencer for me, she influenced my choice.

Today we are all busy with our social networks but the reality is that true influencers are among us!

And this consideration gives me the opportunity to share an important thought: I have a public blog with lots of social media attached, I feel I have a responsibility towards those who read me.

As you see me it is exactly as I am. I cannot and do not want to distort myself to meet the needs of brands or third parties. Who wants me, can take me as I am, with all the qualities and my innumerable defects.

But at least those who read me know that I am true. A fashion blogger over 40 sui generis and with a tattoo 🙂

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Selvaggia Capizzi

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