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Today we are talking about 2019 spring summer dresses, what are the trends, colors and lengths. I chose a floral printed midi dress.

trend vestiti primavera estate 2019

What are the trends for 2019 spring summer dresses? Today we discover them together and choose the most suitable dress for every body shape and style

Among the most fashionable trends among the 2019 spring summer dresses we find once again the floral print: in the case of my dress it is red on a white background but there are different variations even in different colors.

This is not new: the floral print is still present in almost all spring summer collections because it lends itself well to underline the beautiful season.

In addition to flower print, the 2019 spring summer dresses will also be covered with leopard print spots. Yes you have understood, the leopard print look will be trendy this summer together with the color of the moment the living coral.

Which length to choose? There is no rule but common sense.

The dress must emphasize your figure, hide any defects and accentuate the positive sides.

The 2019 spring summer dresses can be long, short, soft or close-fitting.

Maxidresses will still be in fashion but go-ahead even at midi lengths especially if you are tall.

I chose a dress of clear boho chic inspiration , soft, long up to the knee and with a belt at the waist.

I fell in love at first sight and in this look I decided to pair it with a pair of white boots but soon I’ll show you in another version even more spring.

Why did I choose this model among all the 2019 spring summer dresses?

The reason is rather simple: if it is true that they are sufficiently high, it is also true that at 47 (almost 48) the body is no longer the same as before.

As long as I eat a little more, the fat is all over my stomach. It is a sad reality. Today to stay in shape I do a lot more effort.

That’s why when I choose a dress I make sure that it fits even my most “bloating” periods.

This dress is perfect because, being soft, it hides all the defects and, thanks to the belt, emphasizes the waistline instead.

If you want it even softer and longer, know that the belt can be removed.

A hot summer is expected, so the fabric must also be chosen carefully, better to focus on light, almost impalpable fabrics.

Or, if you want, bet on lace. It is a fresh and very sexy fabric.

So take a look at the 2019 spring summer dresses and remember that you do not have to follow the trends but simply find the right one for you.

Dress by Grace Karin

Boots by Mango

Jewels by Athena Gioielli

trend vestiti primavera estate 2019

trend vestiti primavera estate 2019

trend vestiti primavera estate 2019

trend vestiti primavera estate 2019

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Francesca
    That dress is so gorgeous. And paired with the white boots makes so sophisticated. Well I confess I order a few summer/spring dresses when I buy I think in many details, I m short person thats the main issue, but I have to like the dress to much.
    I cant take my eyes from your outfit.

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