2019 spring summer colors, beige

Today Francesca and I take you to discover of the 2019 spring summer colors and in particular beige. Fashion needs neutral colors but how to combine them so as not to seem trivial?

Among the 2019 spring summer colors, beige and neutral colors stand out. They are perfect for all types of women, from the most imaginative to the most conventional. The important thing is to know how to combine them according to your personality.

Before starting to better understand this trend, Francesca and I would like to point out that the 2019 spring summer colors are not new, especially beige, since a few years ago Francesca herself posted this beige cocktail dress.

We can say that among the 2019 spring summer colors, beige is the most neutral and therefore we can combine it with different shades or in a single color like Ida, Fabrizia and Nadia (The Fashion Mob team of which Francesca is a part).

Francesca has decided to break the sobriety of beige by combining it with white and blue, colors also taken from the jewelry she wears. This is because, in her opinion, the total beige look is too serious. But you know how she is, ishe is definitely not an “ordinary” woman.

Personally, I don’t like beige very much, the only items I like are coats, coats, dusters, jackets and accessories that I love to match with light jeans, another must-have of the summer.

We can wear beige during the day, matching it with a pair of jeans, or with a spotted garment, or in the evening choosing a beige dress, possibly shiny and bright.

In summer more than ever you have to shine, so space for beige sequin fabrics, or metallic!

I think that with a tan it is the most glamorous choice!

In the shade of beige I love accessories very much; shoes, boots, or sandals. Being neutral we can wear them on almost anything!

Among the spring summer 2019 colours there are also pastel shades (that I love), yellow, red, white… let’s give life and light to our wardrobes!

colori primavera estate 2019

2019 spring summer colors

Tips of the day:

  • For the summer, in addition to the look, we try to take care of the right way, even our facial skin! I recommend the beauty routine of the Estetista Cinica!
  • An accessory for spring summer 2019 that you absolutely must buy? The maxi headband!
  • A light, tasty dinner with a summer flavour? Prepare the tomatoes with rice!


Esmeralda Evangelista

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