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Today I propose a 2019 spring look with a slightly folk-rock flavor. In two days we will finally enter the mild season and we really hope that it will be a good one!

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand wintertime, I was born in June and I’m used to a temperate climate. This is why today I propose a 2019 spring look to greet the imminent arrival of long days and hopefully good weather.

You have already seen this dress by Grace Karin worn in this post combined with white boots, today, to interpret the 2019 spring look, I have styled it with a pair of red Zara boots dating back to the Punic wars and the bag with fringes of Valentino.

The location of the shots is always Villa Majestic Dafne in Rome.

When we took these photos for the 2019 spring look, it was blowing a crazy wind and you can also see it in my fluttering hair.

In any case it is this wind that I can’t stand, apart from the fact that so many trees have fallen in Rome (one at my place and smashed the neighbor’s car), the thing that irritates me most is that I feel really cold !

But the desire for spring, heat and sunshine is so much that I decided to anticipate the season by a couple of days and to dress more spring-ish.

The floral print will be in fashion even during this 2019 spring summer as well as the folk and rock styles.

The colors that will go the most are the living coral, a shade of red different from the one you see in these photos, and the neutral tones, especially the beige.

The fringes are still overwhelmingly present even this season and I advise you to always wear them very sparingly because, as they say, too much is too much.

And how will 2019 spring hairstyles be? Definitely longer than in the past and above all with a nice layered cut.

As colors there are those who propose living coral also for hair and I must say that it is not an effect that I am sorry.

Always better than the various pinks, blues, greens, grays that are circulating at the moment, also because when the color fades away they are not so beautiful and give a neglected image.

For the 2019 spring summer accessories I suggest you read this post by Esmeralda where you can find lots of useful information.

On March 20 spring officially begins, let’s get ready !!!


look primavera 2019

2019 spring look

Tips of the day

  • The must-have for spring summer 2019? The maxi headband!
  • If you want to know what are the 2019 spring summer jeans read this post
  • If you want beautiful and thick eyelashes try this mascara.
Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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